Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mt Treblant 2012

Officially registered for Ironman Mt Tremblant 2012!

I haven't done an Ironman yet, but I'm already registered for TWO!

What's so special about IMMT?   My wife is doing it with me! It will be her first Ironman. She has yet to do her first Half-Iron in about a month's time. lol

The course looks pretty tough. Very hilly, steep grades and I'm more nervous about IMMT than IMLP. Regardless, there will obviously need to be some huge commitments on my part to make sure the wife gets to the finish line. That is the most important goal of my day on August 19th 2012!

We have already booked our hotel and it is right in the Pedestrian village beside transition. I think it was called La Place - St Bernard*Changed Location*  La Tour des Voyageurs - Les Suites Tremblant **

This definitely throws a wrench in my plans. I was hoping to lay off the full distance and concentrate on being competitive at the 70.3 distance. As much as I would like to qualify for vegas, I have to admit that I probably need another year of experience and building. IMMT leaves me little time to slip in some 70.3's but I am hoping to at least get to one before hand. At this point, my mind is focused on 'just finishing' IMMT. Like I said, I will have to cover for the wife and make sure I show her the support that she has shown me to help get me through my first Ironman. I am a lucky guy!


  1. Awwww, are you getting sappy and romantic on us? It's about time - Fran is the best, your totally spoiled!

    I cannot wait to cheer you guys on. I'm starting with my daily scream training now so the vocal cords are ready.

  2. I'll just assume you know who that comment is from...

  3. good luck to the both of you. Great couple.

  4. You pretty much stole my post idea. So I'm going to just copy & paste it to my blog. Ha-ha!
    Miha showed me all the support that I could ask for last year for IM Lake Placid so now it's my turn. My goal is as well to see my wife finishing successfully her first IM.
    Fran & MIha are tough ladies and I'm sure that they will do just great!

  5. Ummmm No thanks....But you guys have fun. :)

  6. Congrats to you and Fran. Especially Fran, takes guts.

  7. Fran is going to kill it!!! It's going to be a blast weekend with everyone there.

  8. Soooo awesome about IMMT!!! Looks like it's going to be an amazing course. That's so cool you and Mrs LoTC are doing it together!!

    I am going back on forth on whether to do that one or IM Louisville next summer. The climbing doesn't bother me one bit - it's the 12+ hour drive and logistics of it all... Louisville would definitely be cheaper... ugh, why is this sport so expensive?!

    Probably a long shot but any chance you know how full it is or when it's expected to sell out?

  9. NICE! What a great set you have from now til Aug of 12' ... keep it goin!

  10. This is awesome, I don't know how I missed that you guys were doing this too!! See you at IMLP!



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