Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today is THE BIG DAY. A bit of history may help you understand my state of craziness...
- In 2009 I signed up for Ironman Muskoka 70.3 without EVER doing or seeing a triathlon before.
- After only 2 sprint triathlons, I also signed up for a Full Ironman Lake Placid 2011
- I haven't done a Full Iron yet, but I am ALREADY SIGNING UP FOR A SECOND!


Oh and the wife is going to do it too :)  No - she has not finished a 70.3 yet. She only has 2 sprints under her belt! haha!

Registration opens in 30 minutes or so. We're standing ready to get registered so hopefully this works. Historically the servers timeout and crash regularly when they open up registration for a popular Ironman event. Today, they are opening up registration for TWO Ironmans at the same time. So I'm expecting complete meltdown of their systems. Lets hope for the best and maybe these events are not as popular as everyone predicts. Or maybe they upgraded their service to handle the load - unlikely though.
See below for how to train for the: Registraton Split

On the training front...

Last weekend took way more out of me than I gave it credit for. My legs are STILL not recovered.

My 80km ride Monday night got cut to a 40km ride because I couldn't generate any power in my legs. Last night's recovery run went surprisingly well actualy but I followed it up with a horrible swim. I am always so comfortable and smooth in the water yet last night I could barely breath and it felt like my chest was being squished. I couldn't relax and my stroke looked horrible. I never did get my rythm back so I cut the workout short. No sense practicing sloppy. I don't know what that race did to me but my swimming confidence has taken a hit. I'm going to hit some open water tonight to see if I can train through it. I'm also guessing my fatigue doesn't help either, my legs are really really tired. My hamstrings sore. I'm eating like crazy to hopefully give the body what it needs to repair.


  1. lol... you are losing your mind a bit I think! hehehehe
    You can't even jump over the first hurdle with your fingers! LOL

  2. You aren't alone, I did the same thing as you this weekend... well different distances but same intensity to body. Long ride Saturday and sprint tri sunday.

    My legs just today started feeling normal again. My quads and hamstrings were totally trashed.

    Take a bit of time to recover. Good luck with sign up today!



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