Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outdoor Pool

Seriously, this is one awesome ride and I get to share it with the awesomest woman in the world! In the beginning I had to drag her kicking and screaming all the way to the pool. I had to nag her time and time again to get out and ride. It was tedius, and eventually I stopped nagging. She'll just have to find out the hard way on race day :) 

Alot of that was due to the time of year. Training through those cold dark months can take its toll on you. I know because I had my own laziness to fight so I didn't have any spare energy to chase her around too. So here we are in the warmer brighter months and training is a breeze. Mrs. LoTC hits these workouts without hesitation and the best part is we get to do them together! Her motivation may also be accredited to race day quickly approaching - nothing like scaring you into a workout! lol Its great being in love with your training partner, I love that we can spend this time together!

The Pool
We hit our pool last night. OK its an outdoor pool with clear water and alot of fish but they're 'small' fish and you can watch them from afar.  Anyhow its exactly 1000m loop around and you they cater to triathletes. I even put in a jog around the park which is exactly 1 Mile around. I can't say I'm a big fan of doing laps, but its rare I do them so it didn't phase me. I think next time I will run down the country road instead, much more scenic. The neat part is that the lake gets deep fast, so you can literally swim against the shore within a couple of feet. If you get in trouble, just 'grab the side' or stand up. Its a strange man-made lake. As I run along the edge, I am only a few feet from swimmers, its neat.


Swim - :40hrs
Run - 0:40hrs


  1. I agree. Training with my wife is awesome (on the good days HAHA!).

    Much easier to get the workouts done and more motivated to get them done... I mean I can't have my wife doing more workouts than me!!!!

  2. 31 days man. EEK.

    I train alone, my man isn't into training, so I am a little jealous.

    Are you in for IMMT too?

  3. Ahhhhh..... :)

    What a great pool!

  4. so jealous - that looks lovely!!

    thanks for the IMMT info btw! I need to hurry up and make up my mind.

  5. Training with my wife is great, but what I like the most is the fact that we can talk for hours about triathlon stuff.

    I'm so jealous John, that lake is just perfect for triathletes! I haven't yet found a good place for open water swimming around Ajax. Lake Ontario is just too damn cold most of the time.

  6. you married your best friend, you are a lucky man!



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