Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chocolate Comeback


This is the Ironman. What limits?

If you haven't seen Scott Goodfellow's story, then watch the video below.

I've mention his video before, a great motivational piece.
Anyhow, to my amazement, it sounds like he will be joing in us at IMMT along with cdnhollywood !!!
How awesome is that? His story after Ironman is like many, and I'll let him fill you in. Lets just say this guy is on a Comeback and I hope to meet him in person one day!

So on the training front I put in a weak bike ride in last night. It was speedy enough with the killer winds and hills but I felt tired in the legs. Being the longest day of the year I put in a bit extra to take advantage of the daylight. Unfortunately my enemies are back again, and they have erase any extra I did last night. I've gone throught three boxes already today. I need to find a way to ignore them and walk by the remaining ones in the lunch room. I think I'll empty my pockets of all money to ensure I have no way to pay for more boxes. Sad.

I'm sure I closed the sunroof before bed last night. I thought about it and convinced myself I was good to sleep. I slept good knowing that there was nothing to worry about. However in the morning I found that it was actually open haha! oops. It rained all night, but luckily our driveway is angled so the water didn't pour in! Our court is so dark that you can't just peak out the window to check it.


Bike - 2:20hrs

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  1. Ummm is today the day that you and the Mrs switched cars ;)

    Chocolate is good for you... right?



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