Friday, June 3, 2011

Regional Track Meet

My youngest qualified for the Regional track meet so I had to make a point of coming out to watch! Just recently he has really showed an interest in running. I think he gets interested since he is good at it and probably likes to win. The other night at soccer practice when all the other players groaned about running a lap of the field, Tyler said 'I think its fun', so the coach made just him run a second lap to see if he still thought it was fun lol.

Anyhow at the last meet he qualified for 400m but I think since the school didn't have anyone to do long jump and triple jump - he signed up for those events and automatically got bypassed in.

At the triple jump he did pretty darn good on his first jump. He didn't foul on any of the attempts but in the end he was just short of qualifying for the next level at the County meet.

Come from behind and overtook them!

County Qualifier!

On the 400m it was a different story. He lined up at the start line and everyone was cheering for him. People love to call him by his last name because it's a strange name and funny to pronounce. I was surprised by the number of people from his school shouting out for him. He's a popular one! On the start line he looked confident. Mommy was right down by the track taking photos and givng him the last minute pep talk. Poor kid, getting nagged by mom in front of all his friends lol! He gave two thumbs up to the camera and was ready to go. He got off to a great start and stuck with the pack. About 15feet behind the leaders. The kid next to him had a turbo up his ass because he surged at twice the speed of everyone else and jumped ahead to the leaders. Then when Tyler slowly closed the gap the same kid surged AGAIN! Thats crazy, where do these kids get that energy for two jumps like that?? Anyways in the final 100m Tyler poured it on and while shoulder to shoulder with the next kid he persevered by not quitting before the end since the other kid fell completely off pace. Off to county he goes! Yay Tyler!

Long jump not so much. One foul jump and ummm lets just say he should stick to the track. He gave it his best but the other kids were just crazy good. At least he stepped up and took a shot, ya just never know what might happen.

I'm proud of him! Now that he has shown this passion for running, I think I'll get him out to our local running club to see how he likes it. I dont know if he'll enjoy the longer distance, but I dont know of many short-distance 'sprint' clubs. I guess that would be a track and field team of some sort. We may have a triathlete in the making here! I don't want to push too hard though, first things first - the running! He can swim too, really well, but the biking has never been his thing.

What a great day

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  1. Soooooo proud of our son. Can't wait to watch him at the County meet!! :)



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