Saturday, June 4, 2011

Recovery Date

Nothing but the finest dining
for my date lol

Recovery day! Actually I wanted to go swimming tonight because Mrs LoTC got her new wetsuit and I wanted her to try it out! Oh well, we'll leave it for Saturday!

Empty nesters - the kids were all out with friends so there was no reason to make a big dinner. We seized the opportunity to go out for dinner. Its always tough deciding where to go, can never agree. I only have one word in my feeding vocabulary: PIZZA!  She on the other hand likes weird things that resembles chicken feed: Thai & Greek yuckiness. 
iPhone to the rescue! Its our first chance to try out the Urban Spoon!! Yes, I just got my iPhone the other day and while the rest of you have had this nifty app for 50 years already, I'm coming late to the party. I resisted as long as I could but I was touched by the hand of Steve Jobs and now I am totally worshipping him. OK, maybe not quite like that.
For those of you that do not know, Urban Spoon is a slot machine style random restaurant picker based on location, style and cost.

She THINKS she's gonna win.

So on the first shake it suggested a coffee shop. Ummm no, I wont be eating at a coffee place. So I removed coffee from the allowed selections. On the second shake it came up with a really expensive fancy restaurant that would require me to shower and comb my hair and shave so that is totally not an appropriate Recovery day setting.
Third try is a charm! It actually came up with a low budget country diner that we already knew about! The Sherwood. We held our wedding rehearsal dinner at this place and haven't been back since! What are the odds? Anyways, we knew to lower our expectations and take this in strides - this is Brantford afterall.

We totally didn't expect the portions. We ordered appetizer and Steak and Chicken and the sizes of the appetizer alone were a meal. These diners are totally great value, and have such a great selection! Of course, that doesn't help the wasteline but it is Recovery day so I ate and ate until I could not eat no more. Oink Oink!

She keeps trying to distract me by
touching herself and moaning my name.
It works.

We like to drive. A cruise along the river at sunset is always a win. We just cruised along until we randomly came up on a ghetto looking mini-putt just outside of town. Sure why not! Now we can't just play for fun. OK, well she can but where is the fun in that? I like to wager on these games, it makes it more sporty! So if she wins, I have to give her full body massage - If I win, she has to *CENSORED* .

So the place was pretty beat up. Concrete slabs with a thin layer of green carpeting over top. The fairway was all chewed up and raised in places. The props looked like they may be 20years old and need new paint to hold them together. Yup, we're in Brant! lol

The first 5 holes were even. The course was fast-rolling on the hard concrete. On the 6th hole I launched the ball off the green and it simply continued out to the parking lot. Ooops. I did this quite a few times so before I knew it I was down two strokes. :(

All in the hips

What an ugly shirt!
Why didnt anyone tell me!?

She stayed up those two strokes until hole 17 where I finally caught a break. In frustration she missed over and over and over and somehow I ended up -6 on her! Obviously I won, I never doubted myself so now I just have to collect on my winnings :) Muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It was a late night. She insisted we get a coffee and tea so by the time we got home I couldn't sleep. I stayed up catching up on blog posts and trying to figure out how to sync the iPhone with the PC. Stupid app, I hate iTunes.

She's wearing her finishers medal!

Does anyone else have problem commenting? I try to comment on blogs but I end up in an endless login loop that I can't get out of. I just have to post anonymous to make it work if I am lucky.


Recovery day!


Action shot!

I had to play with a handicap to make it fair...

You just cant take her anywhere...

Pika Pika!

Why is your ball waaaay over there?

She's smiling cuz she's winning. For now.

This is the whole where I take the game from her!

Late night coffee. Bad idea if you want to sleep.


  1. "I was touched by the hand of Steve Jobs" WTF?

    so where exactly did the hand of Steve Jobs touch you?

  2. I'm so glad your back at the posting I've missed your ahhh....humor.... :)

    I gotta tell you I really like Mrs LoTC! Congrats to her on a great race earlier too!

    The posting thing, yea that's a blogger problem. I had to change over to Google Chrome to make posting work at home. Don't want to do it at work though and that limits my posting as I often read on lunch.

  3. Are you dry humping pikachu's face?! Good work.

    Why are all the pics of your wife's chest? haha, Fran needs to take the camera AWAY from you! You are like a little kid!

    show the women no mercy man, in all sports!



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