Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturday Training

Saturday June 4th

A day of run. OK, well Saturday caused me to cut things short because I wanted to seize me last opportunity to swim with the fishies! This would be the last day Coach Lisa was organizing an open water swim at the local lake so I figured I didn't want to miss it!

After sleeping in and waiting out the big thunderstorms, I had just enough time to squeeze a run in. I took my new iPhone with me to snap some photos. It is kind of annoying since I wrap it in a plastic sandwhich bag to keep it waterproof. Incase it rains or more obviously I sweat all over it. So taking photos meant unwrapping the thing which becomes tedious. I think I'll look for a pouch that attaches to my fuel belt or something that can offer protection but convenient access to snap a photo.

Anyhow 19km in and I was pressed for time to get to the water. I picked up the wife and we headed to the lake. It's Mrs. LoTC's first open water swim this year! She got herself a new wetsuit so now was the chance to try it out. Initially I was worried, this group usually plans to go a full 3000m down the middle of the lake so I wasn't sure how the wife would do.
Surprisingly she did the full 2000m and kept up fine with the rest of us! I figured there would be at least a little bit of anxiety or panic but she seemed content in the water! Thats my little mermaid! Well, technically she's an Orca. Like the whale. I'll post those pictures later though.

I hit the trails and we ran the Woodstock Triathlon sprint distance run course. The wife has been nursing running injuries from her first Half-Marathon last weekend so we left her at the cars. A quick 8km loop and I am really excited to do this race! The first tri this year in less than a week! yay!


Run: 2:30hrs (26Km)
Swim: 1:00hrs (Open Water)

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