Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 33 Review

Hills. Relentless hills. That is what the agenda was all about this week. Mostly biking hills, I didn't get much running hills in until the weekend.

I kicked off the week with a quick evening hill ride. I didn't have time to swap my pedals so I just went out on the road bike. I could use more TT bike climbing though, need to get my lower back used to the different climbing posture.
I vowed to continue my open water swims. I do not wish to do any more pool swimming from here on in. That might be real difficult now - Tuesday nights are not a regular night for the OWS group I met last week, actually this is sadly the last week for their group. So the question is do I continue OWS alone? In the middle of a lake? Alone? I dont know if solo is a good idea. Anyhow, I was lucky that Freddy came out Tuesday night to keep me company. Yes, Freddy is that prick that originally planted the Ironman seed in my head! Now it's HIS turn to suffer a bit as he has commited to Ironman Muskoka this year and this was a chance to train with him. It was his first OWS this year so we took it easy. This whole Ironman thing is his fault so I totally would like to see him suffer a bit. :)

I finally brushed the dust off the mountain bike! After a moderate loop of the trails, I did a second loop at a much slower pace with a group from Guelph, GORBA bike club. It was fun meeting new people and such, but at a hit to the quality of the workout. I was just happy to be on the trails again, even though my techinical skills are rusty.

In 33 weeks I have not had to cut a workout short due to GI issues. Earlies in the year I had a couple upset stomachs in the pool but still finished, however this week I came down with some serious pain. Pizza, doritos and powerade do not mix 20 minutes before a workout. I had a great swim but as soon as I got vertical my stomach was in knots. I pretty much brushed off the run after trying to muscle through it.

Overall the weekend was absolutely killer. Long run, bonus swim and a bonus run of the upcoming race course too! Talk about success! I started Sunday's long bike already fatigued so after a ton of hills I was too tired to put any more than 100 Miles in. Even with a bunch of breaks.

Nutrition wise, much better this week. With this huge surge of training hours I dropped 2.2lbs this week! OH MY! I didn't think I had any weight left to lose, this is getting silly! I'll take it though.

Moving forward, eat more. Figure out how to continue OWS without killing myself if it comes down to doing it solo. Need to find a new location that isn't so dangerous? Practice transitions - sprint triathlon next week, its not even a 'C' race as I am training my way through the weekend. I'm not racing seriously, but I'll do what I can.


Swim: 2:40hrs (8km OWS)
Bike: 11:30hrs (266km, 3hrs MTB)
Run: 4:00hrs (41km)

Total: 18:00hrs  (314km)


  1. Solo OWS? don't do it. not worth it unless you got lots of life insurance, if not, want some?

  2. I solo OWS all of the time - if I didn't, I wouldn't get to swim. I am lucky, I have a lake near me that if I swim along the shore, float to float (camps on this lake all have floats, another bonus), it is like 4 ft deep. So I figure I can just stand up if I have any problems. But if you don't have something like that, it is tough for sure. I worry more about getting hit by a boat than anything, which is the other reason I go near shore.

    I am no help am I?

  3. Freddie is up for meeting you on Tuesday/Thursday so you don't have to OWS alone. This week for sure, he needs all the practice he can get. I came out and watched him do 2000m last Friday, big improvement from his swim with you on Tuesday.

    p.s. - Freddie says he can run 5km in 3 minutes. That isn't 3min/km, that's 3 min total.



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