Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stolen Races

iPhone camera distorted her face lol
You know that feeling as if someone just punched you in your stomach, then ripped out your heart and stomped on it and put it back in your chest cavity? The one that makes you endlessly sick to your stomach and you have trouble breathing?

Well if you don't know that feeling, it is because you've never had a bike stolen from you.

5 days before her first ever Half-Iron and poor Catherine had her bike stolen from her garage. Heart breaking. Nonetheless we caught a glimpse of her out on an oldschool mountain bike that same evening. Nothing is stopping this chick from finishing her Half-Iron! lol She's determined! No worries, the tri-community takes care of their own and she has received endless offers to borrow a bike. We'll make sure she is ready for Sunday!

Speaking of Sundays Welland Half-Iron..... I'm thinking of doing it. Actually I've been wanting to do this race all year long but its a bit close to Ironman Lake Placid exactly one month away. Given my current condition I'm thinking I am good to go though. I could definitely use the swim experience, the bike is only 90km on a perfectly flat course and then the run I will make sure I go slow and steady and pull out if I feel any pains at all. Its only the run that beats me up really, and I will slow it down an concentrate on technique. 20km is less than my scheduled long run so provided I dont go race pace, I should be fine.
Thats how I justify it anyways. haha! I'll register tomorrow evening if I don't change my mind before then.

Although I just had a great idea passed to me by Peter over from Yadda Yadda Yadda. He says ride to Welland (90km), then sandbag the Try-a-Tri to take first place, then ride home! I love it! haha! Bragging rights AND a great workout! :)

So it has been two weekends of racing in a row. I decided to take an easy night last night and go for a 2000m open water swim followed by a real short run since the park closes early. My back pain has returned, and I figured out why. During my Olympic swim I stressed my back to look 'up and out' to see where I was going in the washing machine. When instead I should have rolled to my side, tucked my chin and looked a bit back. That endless straining of my bake to sight the guys in front of me has taken its toll on my lower back. I need this fixed asap! I sorted through my technique problem during last night's swim, I am happy to have learned from the mistake!


Swim -  0:40hrs
Run -  0:30hrs


  1. I would do it. BUT, I would not race it. Whatever pace you planned doing IMLP at you should do the 70.3 at and practice your nutrition and everything.

    This will give you a GREAT gage for where you will be for IMLP.

  2. John, they also have the Half Iron Distance Swim-Bike, so you can skip the run all together.

    I did Peterborough Half Iron Swim-Bike last year, just before IMLP and even though I raced it, I was fine. It's always the running that requires a lot of recovery time.

  3. Great of the community to come together and help out a fellow triathlete.

    It will be hard for you not to race it won't it?



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