Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 31 Review

Recovery week. Now I have been here before, when recovery week arrives I tend to over-recover and this week was no exception!

I did very little, if anything at all. AND IT FELT GREAT! Seriously there was no guilt whatsoever this week. I had fun on my short little workouts and just spun the cranks!

I failed to get the big bike in on the weekend. We originally planned to pre-ride the Peterborough Half-Iron course that Mrs. LoTC is competing in, but circumstances prevented us from doing it. I'll write more about that weekend in another post. That was also a weekend at Brian's cottage. Lots of drinking, lots of eating, and lots of eating. Oh wait, I said that already - ok, I'll save the details for another post but lets just say I came back 3lbs heavier and well lubed. lol Some much needed family and friend's time to unwind. It felt good to not think triathlon for a change.

Given the lack of training and serious over-indulging on the weekend, you would think I would be upset at myself. I am not. That was exactly what I needed to reset the training machine. Feeling well rested and mentally in a good place, I am ready for the next set of training! BRING IT!!


Swim: 0:45hrs
Bike: 3.:30hrs
Run: 4:00hrs

Total:  8:00hrs

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