Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 34 Review

First off
- a 4th Place finish at Woodstock Triathlon. Hell yeh! A killer bike and a suprisingly fast run!
- First ever sockless run. Bad idea. Dont do it unless you got feet made of leather.
- All this after a heavy training week, I have nothing to complain about!
Well except the obvious - WTF happened to my swimming? No swimming this week - FAIL. I admit, I'm too lazy to make the long drive to the lake to get an open water swim in but I am equally as non-motivativated to go back to a pool. This lack of swimming may have contributed to my lousy swim split at the race on the weekend, regardless I need to get doggy paddling as soon as possible!
The week is heavy on cycling which I enjoyed. I decided to bump my LSD run to a weeknight which worked out well. Otherwise I would have missed it due to a race interfering with the routine. I still put in a long bike in the DAY BEFORE a Triathlon and I am very happy for it. While I didn't blog about this ride, I can say that it was one of the most rewarding rides this year. Almost as incredibly difficult as my first group road ride except this time I felt much more comfortable holding break-neck paces. My cycling is finally breaking through to the next level.
Speaking of breakthroughs, my run is showing signs of upgrade too! I had decided back in May that after Around The Bay Running race that I would simply 'maintain' my run as-is. I had no interest in trying to get faster as that would risk injuring myself, so I have just kept running my routine 40km per week and remain satisfied that I have come a loooooong way since I started the training program. Anyhow I finally took a chance and pushed my run to it's limits at the Woodstock Triathlon and I am just as astonished by my results as everyone else!! Where the heck did I pull a 4:17min/km for 7.5km? Thats crazy fast for me. I am not to make a habit of this, but I am sure glad I had a chance to open up the throttle and really see what these babies (legs) can do! It was short enough that I didn't injure myself, albeit I'm very tired the next day. The fatigue is certainly the heavy workload overall and not necessarily the fault of my sprinting.
So moving forward - FINALLY a rest week. I need my legs to recover, they are very tired. They strain to go up stairs. I have an Olympic Distance Triathlon this weekend. I can only hope I have some kind of acceptable recovery level before that race. The course is very tough, the bike split is hilly and extremely bumpy on crappy roads. I dont look forward to it, but I'll make the best of it!

Swim: 0:15hrs (Race Only)
Bike: 11:12hrs (362km)
Run: 3:45hrs (40km)

Total: 15:11hrs (403km)


  1. First, congrats on teh 4th place AG finish!! That is freaking awesome!!

    And good news the run is coming along.

    Rest weeks are super good, you can almost feel when you need one, right? Enjoy.

  2. I can finally respond again, i was having bloggger issues. Great job



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