Friday, July 15, 2011

Forced Taper

Well I wasn't kidding when I said I thought I was on the verge of illness. I could telll I was more tired than usual and sure enough I picked up a sinus/chest infection. I've been ill for a few days now but I'm staying positive as I can see the illness progress through its stages. It always starts with a sore throat, then the sniffles, then a cough and finally its over. I'm at the cough stage now, so the end is near! Just enough time to make the trip to Lake Placid healthy and rested!
Me Training Hard
Actually I'm not overly worried about missing training during this forced 'taper' period. I have been ill once before during the training program and I came back 100 times stronger than ever. The rest will do me good and I'll feel superhuman out on that race course. Well that's my theory anyways. :)

So obviously on the training front I've done absolutely nothing. I lay on the couch and sleep between watching episodes of ST:Voyager. I managed to kill off a couple seasons, I only have a few episodes left. :)
I've been so drained of energy I couldn't bother sitting in front of the computer - at all! I didn't even check my email. So obviosuly I didn't bother with my blog either.

It's coming into the final stretch. I am hoping I can get in a healthy short bike and run this weekend. I still need to test my new cassette out and I would like to loosen up the muscles a bit after laying in front of the couch for so long.

I'll still take tomorrow off of course. I want to make sure I have this illness completely beat before subjecting myself to exercise.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! The rest will be good, you haven't lost any fitness and IMLP will be a (long) walk in the park (I hope) :)

  2. You are going to do great!! I am so excited for you and to read your race report! Get well Race hard!

  3. Kick back and take it easy. The hard work has been done. What you do between now and race day won't make a difference

    Good luck!

  4. So happy this caught you now so you have time to recover before race day. I'll be attached to my computer watching everyone's progress..

  5. For once in your life can you be smart and don't be a bull headed male?

    Your fitness is there. Do a couple short speed sessions to tune the legs up and stay relaxed.

    You got this man!!!

    Listen to your body. Can't wait for next weekend!

  6. forced rest, the universe was telling you something :) feel better soon!

  7. You are going to have an amazing race. I can't wait to watch you cross that finish line and hear them announce 'John Proc, you are an IRONMAN!' :)

  8. great attitude and youll be all good
    ur on it and doin the right things!




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