Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IMLP Goals and Stalking

I'll have BRIGHT RED Visor and Shoes!
Please look me up. You can find me on http://ironmanlive.com/ under bib #1137. John Proc.

If you're at the race, you can get ahold of me by emailing me, texting me, calling me or don't be afraid to approach me if you see the ugly guy below :)

Email:  jproc@orican.com
Twitter: johnwproc
Text/Cell: 9059791539

Lets meet up!!
We'll be at the Athlete Banquet - Find me! Text me and we'll sit together!


Well it's funny how goals progress over time. Originally I started with 'just wanting to finish'. I looked up the race results of the people who came dead last and started training to ensure I could meet the same pace as those people. I just wanted to finish. 16:59:59 was fine for me.

In time I realized I was capable of more, and after meeting some real life Ironman I set my goal ahead of their time as friendly competition helps motivate me. I reset my goal to 15:00hrs and worked hard to make sure I could do it.

It seemed every few weeks I would subtract an hour off of said goal. My confidence soared, ego grew, head swelled and in no time I was winning the race in my mind. Well not exactly, but I may as well have been in my little world lol. Thats what tuner races are for ;) They help reset those goals back down to reality. I dream big. haha!
Also look for the CANADA flags and shirts :)

So after much consideration I realized that I was actually chasing the same thing all along, I just didn't realize it at the time. My goal was never 16:59:59. My goal was the journey.

It was never about the race. It was about the journey.

I have already met my goal. I have already won.

40 weeks of perfect training.
40 weeks of losing weight, sticking to a plan, getting fit.
40 weeks of meticulous routine, commitment and hard work.
40 weeks of thoughtful balance, co-operation, team-work and quality time with my Wife and Family.

40 Weeks and I am a better person for it. Hard. Strong. Humble.

My journey is near complete, but I have already met the goal I set out on.
Sure anyone can just sign up for an Ironman and show up to the starting line and suffer, but it takes a special commitment to execute a hefty training plan yet balance life at the same time.

With 400hrs of training under my belt, there is only 17hrs to reach the end.

No matter what happens in the next 17hrs, there is nothing that can take away from me what the last 400hrs have done to make me the person I am today. Ironman has become a lifestyle for me, not an end game.

So having said that, what would I like to see on Sunday? Lots of factors, lots of guess work but here is what I have in mind in order of weight:

1) Dream Goal - I will reveal this after the race.
2) Run Entire Marathon minus aid stations
3) Finish ahead of friends
4) Give. It. Everything. I. Have.
5) Finish under 16:59:59

I don't care where I place. I go to IMLP knowing that I will be amongst some of the super-fit athletes of the world, I have no dellusions as to where I stand in the rankings. :) I do however have a few key people that I have used as friendly motivators throughout my training. I would like to finish ahead of them, this makes it fun for me. Also I would like to finish the whole marathon running. This is important to me, I would rather go an extra 45 minutes slower on the bike if it means being able to shuffle the entire marathon. This is very important to me, if I can execute the race in such a fashion that I ran the majority of the run then I know I have done something right. I just want to do it right. If I cannot run the whole thing, then I will go at a pace of my time and chosing that gets me across the line after having commited every last ounce of energy and willpower to get me there. Knowing I gave everything I have - means everything. Lastly, I just want to finish. Nothing will stop me from finishing. I will go the distance. No. Matter. What.

Good luck to everyone!

Who have I forgotten below? I am trying to make contact list to keep in touch and follow you on race day! Bib, name, blog, name, bike, twitter

#918 Jon (SWiCycloRun) Leonard Campbell - Blue P2 Cervelo @vrljc
#137 Jill Agresta(Simply Tri) – Pink Quinta Roo  @JPow21
#312 Mandy Farrar(Caratunk Girl) – Hot Kestrel @caratunkgirl
#1529 Rodney(Road to Ironman) – Red White P2 @rbuike
#2213 Bryan Payne(Training Payne) @tri_bry
#2106 Simon Cross(TriTwins)  @tritwins
#? Emily(Sweat once a day) @emilysweats
#? DRog (DR Tri’ing for Iron)


  1. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck! I agree completely that it's all about the journey and that's what makes these endurance races so amazing. I always tell people that the race itself is just the icing on the cake but the real work is in the months preceding it. Hope you have a great race - looking forward to reading the recap!

  2. Fingers crossed that you have a complete recovery quickly and are in top form for the race. You will kick ass I know it.

    Will be stalking you and the rest good luck to all!!!

  3. Great post man. When it comes down to it and you have to dig for inspiration at some point on the ride or the run, think of the journey. Think of the fat ass that you were and where you would be today if you hadn't taken this journey.

    Screw beating your friends, do this for yourself man. Have fun, I plan on stalking all of you while getting drunk :)

    Remember race smart out there, and EXECUTE THE PLAN... NOT YOURSELF!

  4. HEY John, you are in my phone!!

    DRog (Derek) is #1709

    See you there!! AHHHH Your plan sounds like mine, except the beat my friends part, because I am pretty sure I am going to be the caboose of the blogger contingent! :) I am cool with it.

  5. J, I think this is the best post I've ever read from you and a top one of all times for all blogs. Very honest. Loved it.

    Good luck Sunday and I hope you beat every one of your friends except one. haha.


  6. Train hard ! train smart ! be active ! You have done these things. Now go out and enjoy the journey.

    As my ROAD ID says. "I am on a journey less traveled by most" "love life".
    And I meen that.

    Godd luck.

  7. Well said John! Excellent post! You are so right when you say "It was never about the race. It was about the journey."

    Good luck to you and I wish you to have a great race on Sunday. You deserve it!

  8. Good luck and I hope you have fun!

    "I have already met my goal. I have already won." - Absolutely love this!

  9. Best post EVAR!!! I'm so proud of you, you are a total inspiration to me. I wish I could see you cross the finish line.

    PS - make someone else take your socks off this year.
    Love ya!!!

  10. boner alert! lol



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