Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last Week's Algonquin Trip
Wow. I actually got my phat ass off the couch last night! It felt great getting out for a run, more importantly it was made enjoyable by the company I had. One of the bonuses of training for a Double-Iron is that speed work is not as important. I'm better off training at the pace I will be racing, which just so happens to be pretty close to the pace my wife goes! Actually to my surprise, she's getting quick. I figure that she'll be out-running me before the spring. In the meantime I can run with her and enjoy the company!

The key now is to use this momentum to keep getting those workouts in. Officially my training plan starts next week-ish after another trip north to Algonquin. I figure I'll try to put in another run this evening - the weather is favourable, may as well enjoy it!

I ordered the wife's Birthday present ages ago. Her Bday was almost a month ago and the gift keeps getting back ordered. Luckily it has, because I found an even better deal AND free shipping! She already knows it's a Turbo Trainer but she doesn't know which one. Actually I'm kind of jealous, I want it for myself but I figure it won't be much time before she gives up on it and it becomes mine mine mine! muahahahah! :)

I have just about finished writing my training plan. It's ugly, and will likely need several revisions based on how my body responds to the workload. Regardless I think I'll post the plan up for everyone to see. Maybe it will help someone write a plan of there own one day. Heck maybe someone can throw in some advice. I'll try to put a post together outlining the plan hopefully.

I received some pretty funny feedback after announcing my Double-Iron. My dad was the funniest, I told him over lunch that I'm doing a double-Iron and without hesitation he said "Noo way, you're going to kill yourself!". Thanks Dad. HAHA! Cuz that is almost the exact response he had when I said I was going to do an Ironman. The difference this time though, he might actually be right lol! I just shook my head and smiled - you know those kinds of comments push me to want to do it that much more lol! Either way though, he'll still show up and support me as he did at IMLP.
I'm lucky to have such a great support crew! Especially such a supportive wife - training with her is just a big bonus!


Run - 1:00hrs


  1. Yay for running with your wife!!! Its' not all that bad, is it?!?!?! ;)

  2. My dad said the same thing when I signed up for the oly and the 70.3. He is always afraid I'm going to hurt myself. Guess it's part of being a parent. :)



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