Friday, October 14, 2011

Momentum Building

Oh wow - where did THAT come from?!

Either I have a baby kangaroo in a pouch or I may have tacked on a few unwanted pounds in the form of love handles haha! 

So that makes this weeks Training plan kickoff all that much more important! Three nights of running in a row - a first for me. Due to the 'easiness' of doing an Ultra, I need to run 3 times a week in a row to build resistance to the abuse. Well maybe this was a bit much to do in the first week, so I made adjustments to the schedule to make it a little less painful. I scratched a bike and shortened the swim.

All that matter right now is learning the routine. The run is the most important, but the whole point of the next month or two is getting into a training routine. Fitting the workouts in around life and learning how to juggle slots of time to get things done.

Last night I came to the conclusion I really like the idea of getting my run in IMMEDIATELY after work. I was done my workouts and eating dinner by 6:30pm which means I have the rest of the evening to myself! That was wonderful!

You would think re-learning the routine would be easy since I had it down to a science last year - well there is a new peice to it now which adds a bit of complexity. The wife needs to get her workouts in now too! So it used to be I go workout while she made my dinner. Well that won't work anymore.

I have a few ideas on how to make this work for the both of us. Unfortunately every one of those ideas includes me making meals which ummmm I guess I'll have to learn how to cook or something. I'm perfectly happy eating pizza every night but I think the wife and kids might not appreciate that.

I'm also interested in figuring out how to make my own energy drinks and gels. I dont a fair bit of research and I can't wait to play with some recipes! No need to buy the overpriced garbage off the shelf no more! More on this later....

I'm sitting around 176lbs but unfortunately the extra weight all went to my gut. I can feel it on the runs, I definitely need core work! I can tell my core is weak. One thing at a time though - ROUTINE first!


  1. If I were you...I would teach the kids to cook dinner...those boys need to learn any way. :) Good for you for getting back in the grove.

  2. Julie, our boys know how to cook.... the problem is their lives are just a hectic... college, cross country club, school swim team!



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