Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Blues

I find it's always toughest to pick your wardrobe when the temperature is hovering between 0 Celsius and 10 Celsius. The rick is to go out in layers and shed them when needed but last night I completely screwed that up. I didn't factor in the stiff northernly wind that left my chilled to the bone.

My face is still thawing...

There is no such thing as bad weather though, just a bad choice of clothes. On that note, I'm not complaining about the weather, I'm complaining about my lack of intelligently dressing myself. I really could have used a wind breaker and head dressing. Brrrr!

So far it has a been a perfect week of training. Now comes the hard part - ACTUALLY doing my weekend workouts. I'm already going through the battle in my head and somehow justifying skipping them. Ugggh, bad habit! For some reason weekday workouts are easier to execute for me.

This is my publicly confessing I will get an LSD run and LSD bike in one way or the other.

Tonight is a scheduled rest day - I need it too, I put in some solid running this week.

I think this is secretly a cry for help, as if something someone will say will make me WANT to get these workouts done. I'm not expecting responses, actually I'm completely expecting verbal beatings from the peanut gallery Matty-O. I deserve them too :)

It's cold out. Get over it.
Actually a few housekeeping notes to the people (the both of you) that read my blog: I CAN'T COMMENT. No seriously, it is not consistently failing but enough that I goto your blogs and try to post comments and it just dont work. Blogspot sucks. I know you WordPress fanboys think you're better than the rest of us but I'm beginning to believe you may be on to something. I'd switch but you serverly underestimate my level of laziness.

Oh and I feel bad for not responding to the comments on my blog... Re: Laziness

I'll do better. I promise. Maybe I'll go play Comment-Catch-Up and respond now.

No wait....... that sounds like work.


  1. DO IT!! Switch to WP!! :)

    Actually, it wasn't TOO much of a pain in the butt to switch, but it took some time for me because I am computer dumb.

    Funny, I have a harder time getting my weekday workouts in these days...I look forward to the weekends when I can run in daylight!

  2. With your schedule I'd be surprised if you did have time to read blogs. I'm awed by you guys up north and the weather you workout in.

    I have some blogs that I just can't seem to comment on either. But I fixed most of the problem by logging out of blogger and not having it auto log me in.

  3. make the switch, then you can switch my blog over as well. Blogger sucks

  4. What Julie said works about the comments, just had that problem this morning.
    to be honest, I feel a little better now knowing that even uber- athletes have to sometimes convince themselves to get a work out in too!

  5. The problem is on and off with me. The switch didn't take long at all, what took the longest was the set up.



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