Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 1 of 305

Well now it's officially official. The real training plan has begun. I can't make up good enough excuses to miss workouts now, it's time get the gameface on.

Spinervals Suck
6 Months until Ultra 50 Mile Trail run. I've had a lot of self-doubt around my running abilities but I'm feeling encouraged after a training run with an Ultra group on the weekend. I have never run with these people before so I was worried I would get my a$$ handed to me and walk it in by myself. Afterall, they are Uber Ultra Runners, I don't belong with them - right?

Well I latched on to the most experienced guy their and rode his coat tails the entire time. A 20Km loop of the race course. This guy has something like fifteen 100 Mile races under his belt so he may know a thing or two, I may as well learn from the best! Immediately I had to calm myself down because the pace set early was moderately quicker than my pace on the flats. It wasn't looking good for me, until we hit the first big uphill - wow, they walked! I haven't walked up the hills in training so I was surprised to see them do this. It was a welcome rest though. I can't say I was in the hurt locker at any time but more like cautiously alarmed that I may need to dig deep to not get dropped by these guys.

Random - This made me laugh
This was my first group run on trails and time flew by. The loop was over and I felt like a million bucks. Heck, I even beat my best timed lap by 10-15 minutes! So apparently quicker on the flats and easy on the uphills translates into an overall faster lap time. I'm not convinced this is my race day strategy, but it was certainly an eye opener and I learned tons. The guy I was running with was kind enough to share insight into what he does for sleep deprivation and nutrition for the 25++hrs of running.

Needless to say I am ecstatic that I found an outlet to test myself against what others are doing. It was a good indication that I am 'doing it right'.

I've been riding this wave of excitement that my training is going well. I nailed a looong swim last night and followed up with a Spinervals DVD this morning. I hate the spinervals workouts - kind of bland and full of hurt. As much as I didn't enjoy interval training, I think I'll stick with it until the spring at least. I was going to leave it to post about another day but I can sum up my concerns into this: My Biking SUCKS! OK well that is my opinon anyways, I have let my cycling abilities slide and now I think my 'strength' is running. I'm disgusted by myself for letting this happen. I am finding it tough to get motivated on the bike because I've kind of lost the spark I once had with riding. I'm not worried yet, just disappointed. I know what needs to be done, I just got to find a way to get it done. My biking is 'under construction'.

During the workout video Coach Troy says 'Now your eyes should have glossed over with that deer-in-the-headlights look', umm dude - THAT WAS 3 REPS AGO!$!!%%!#!! Damn.

All Time Favourite

I'm excited to hear that Rodney will likely do the 50 Mile Sulphur Springs Trail Run too! Training Payne also suggested he might man-up and join me too, but we all know he is a pussy so I'm not gonna hold my breathe waiting on that guy. :) I'm not even sad that I can't make a 'race' of this. I'm in it to finish, and finish WITHOUT injury. I'm already taking a chance by doing and Ultra during an IM training Plan. I can't force the speed so I won't be in it for the friendly competition this time. Besides, everyone already knows I'd mop the floor with Training Payne & Rodney. ;)


Swim - 3500m
Bike - 1:00hr Interval


  1. You aren't stating any new facts that Bryan is a pussy and can't keep up with the young pups anymore. He is a has been and probably already looking into retirement homes.

    Good stuff on the training front man. I heard that all ultra runners are slow, is that why you can keep up with them?

    Sounds like they indirectly do Heart Rate training by walking the hills. Interesting information. Man up and run the hills next time!

  2. I am interested to run this course in January! I am also interested to see how I fare running this 3 weeks after a 70.3. Heck it might be my only running between Knoxville and Welland 70.3's!

    Oh yeah and those are my excuses if I happen to be slower than you ;)

  3. haha - I'm not worried about slow/fast win/lose - this is epic in itself, perhaps even tougher than an Ironman in my opninion. 12hrs of running vs 12hrs of S/B/R, I have no expectations other than to at least make it halfway haha! :)

    I run the course every weekend, typically Sunday, so if you want to hook up and try it out - just let me know. I got nice and slow so no worries about pace!



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