Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bonked Run

The sign of a great workout? The post-exercise fever. I can't think of a better term for it, maybe you can suggest one? You know 'the sweats' you get, especially after laying down in bed. Not everyone gets this, but many people will know what I am talking about. I looked it up awhile ago and they have no idea what causes this 'fever'. While you feel like you're burning up and you break a sweat just lieing there, its actually not heat related. You body temperature is not actually elevated according to research. You just 'feel' hot. The best they could attribute it to was the body was 'repairing itself' but they don't have actual research that supports this nor understand the process. Well, last night was one of those nights but it wasn't because I had a 'good' workout.....

I haven't stepped on the scale lately, especially ever since a few weeks ago when I was pretty much at my 'Red Flag' weight. I've been eating much healthier and cutting back on the unnecessary calories but yesterday it all finally caught up with me.

I bonked on yesterday's Night Run. At first it was tough to tell I was much slower than usual. When it's pitch dark out on the trails, you naturally go a bit slower as to not fall flat on your face. Except 2/3 through the run I knew I was in trouble when my stomach was screaming for fuel. Famished.

By the time I got home I was lightheaded and chilled. I felt awful. Sure enough after a meal and some rest I got the post-workout fever while my bodied tried to repair itself. It's been awhile since I felt the 'fever'. Anyhow it all came down to not enough input to sustain the output. I had an unusually unhealthy sugary breakfast(Frosted Flakes, so good yet sooo bad) and combined with a less than stellar lunch choice left me with nothing left in the tank. Uggghh what a bad day.

I haven't checked my weight but I'm pretty sure I'm back in the green-zone though. Now I just have to find a balance, I dont want to gain nor lose any pounds. I may have to resort to counting calories, uggh I hate doing that. It's so cumbersome.

During Ironman training I never counted calories. I just at a 'normal' persons proper portioned meal. Obviously the training, especially during the tougher weeks, would burn more than what an average calorie intake could sustain but I was deliberately running a defict to slowly lose weight. About 1/2 pound per week steadily. Anyhow now that I'm playing in the world of 'Ultra' I am going to have to put an end to the calorie deficit - I MUST maintain a balance. I'm going to need every bit of energy I can get. I'll figure out how to count calories in prep for next week. Or at least thats what I tell myself.


Run - 1:00hr
Run - 1:30hr Trail Bonk


  1. start counting your calories. i'm hit and miss on some days but at least i've dropped two pounds as of this morning but the weekends are trouble

  2. I'm down 10 (yay) and not counting calories. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday and must be running a deficit.. pls eat!! You need the fuel.

  3. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about w/ this post workout fever garbage. I think you are just messed up or have a deformation that causes this.... yup, that must be it.

    I very rarely ran a calorie deficit... that I knew of. I just ate clean and healthy and my body rewarded me by eating all of the fat up haha.



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