Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Behind Schedule

I injured myself.

Yup, that's why I have avoided a blog post for like umm 7 weeks! Tore something in my achilles.

At first I did 2 weeks of absolutely nothing in hopes that the rest will fix it. Not even 30 minutes into a run and I succombed to pain.
Another 3 weeks of nothing, and STILL it hurt just like back on day 1!!
I gave it another 2 weeks and finally it's getting better. It's been frustrating to say the least.

I am pretty sure all I'm feeling now is scar tissue ripping and rubbing. I'm working my way through this lingering soreness but at least it's not painful like it was originally.

I just put in my first full week of training. I am only about 60% duration and intensity on the run - not just because of the injury but because I've lost a great deal of fitness. Hopefully mostly just rust on the joints and not much muscle. I'll find out this week, I'm hoping it goes better. I'm just happy I'm finally running again. Sort of.

For most of those weeks I skimped on bike and swim as well. I had hoped that would help speed up recovery but now I'm not so sure. I feel like I'm starting from scratch again, except I do feel like I have a decent cardio base. I think I'm feeling mostly rust on the joints.

It's been a tough week but a successful one. So now I look at my training plan, which I've been avoiding as I realize I'm dangerously clost to a DNS for the Ultra in May.

I should be pounding out 50-60 Miles a weeks right now. I'm lucky to muster up 30. I won't force it though, I can't risk getting injured again. So unless I magically feel extra extra good and put together perfect workouts in the next couple of weeks I think I'm forced to drop down from 50 Miles to 50 Km race distance. Technically still an ultra but someone once told me that real men race in Miles. :)

I'm getting worried but not ready to throw the towel in yet with that May Ultra. I'm counting on most of my excellent base training to re-assert itself once I get the rust off my muscles. That remains to be seen.

The other issue to tackle is the back pain when cycling. Working to strength my core and stretch but I'm getting a little annoyed with not seeing much results. I'm still working on it though.

I haven't check my weight in awhile, been avoiding that. I'm pretty sure I'm doing fine. Heck I feel fine so that's why I don't bother checking. I really should since I don't have much time to cut down to race weight if I'm over my upper self-imposed limits.

I avoided posting about the injury obviously. Didn't want to think about it.

The cause? Running trail hills in the snow with a group that sprinted up them. Well maybe not sprint but my form fell apart trying to go a speed up the hills that I should have known better to push hard up. I've had problems with this foot before, similar issues so this isn't a big surprise. The important thing is that I learned from this - I have to distance myself from running groups. I don't go my own pace and end up hurt. I really enjoyed the company, especially after so much solo training, so I'm sad to go back to running alone, But at least I'm running again!


  1. Here comes a long comment, so delete it if you want.

    Had achilles issues all last year. I got it from over stretching in yoga and then not backing off, an initial minor tear or whatever it was turned into a huge freaking deal from over use as more and more inflamation and scar tissue build up occurred. My ART doctor was able to loosen it up and get rid of the scar tissue build up though.

    Some tips. Don't run hills you dumbass!!! The only hills I could run last year were during races. Not much I could do training wise unless I wanted to feel knives in my achilles while walking from my car to the office every day.

    So what can you do? well until it heals, be kind to it. You can swim all you want, just don't push off the wall hard. Biking should be fine too (neither of these really affected my achilles). Wear full compression socks. This helped A TON. I had compression calf sleeves and these added to my issues, so get the full sock and calf compression gear, this helps big time, my doctor told me this should help the blood flow through the area while working out and reduce the inflamation you will get.

    Ice the hell out of it. A lot of the pain is from the inflamation. Ice it after your workouts a couple times.


    I don't think you are stupid for thinking you can still do the 50k. I would make sure you get it taped (or do it yourself, great youtube videos on this using kinesio tape) for your long runs. The taping got me through my 20+ mile runs w/ no issues and no pain.

    So saddle up and hit the pool hard. If you are worried about the abuse from running, do the water running crap in the pool.

  2. wow! what more can be said after that long comment?

    So you want to run some hills with me?

    I'd bail from the Ultra

  3. FFS we have health care in Canada! Use it, you pay for it :) Just find a good sports doc and not some fat ass who has never run further than across the street!

    Oh and as far as Sulphur Springs goes I am putting that back on the to do list for another time.

  4. OH no!!! Hope you get it healed and can do the race! I'm really excited to hear about it! But health is for sure more important!

  5. So sorry to hear about your injury. Lots of good advice above.

    I'm the same way with running groups... I've learned to mostly run by myself and do my own thing.

    Hope your recovery continues!



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