Friday, March 23, 2012

Take Two

100km ride.. again
Glad to be training full time again. My achilles is still store but it's a manageable pain. I'm pretty sure it's just scar tissue rubbing.

I've definitely lost some fitness with the time off, my long run on Sunday felt horrible. I'm hoping it was just the rust on the joints as I'm feeling better as I am rounding off the second week to being back full time. I'll know this weekend after my next LSD run. This will help me decide what's happening with the Ultra in May.

I've been getting a ton of cycling in though. I've been squeezing in a few 100Km rides. Sure beats sitting on a trainer! I'm hoping the cycling will help make up for lost running and better prepare me for the Ultra. I haven't done any road riding for the most part - all this is on railtrail on a cross bike. A great workout with constant resistance. I haven't taken the Tri bike off the trainer yet, I'm not convinced this gorgeous weather is here to stay. It's too good to be true!

I sold my mountain bike. I has a sad but only a little one. It went to a good home and while I did some pretty awesome things on it, I don't have the same sentimental value as my older mountain bike. I didn't do much racing on the one I sold so I am OK to part with it. This gives me a chance to buy a new mountain bike better suited to my riding style. The one I sold was stricly an XC race bike but I'm now doing more all-mountain than anything. I like big rocks and double-diamond technical trails. Bring it! New bike is on it's way, I'm really hoping it will be ready for pickup next weekend. I have big plans for it - I can't wait to hit the trails!!

Training Partner - Huge for these parts!
I'm a bit disappointed with my weight. I'm up 10lbs from my Ironman race weight last year. I don't expect to lose all 10lbs again, some had to be muscle but I can tell I've got an extra bit in the kangaroo pouch. I'm worried I won't lose it in time for the Ultra. Quite frankly I don't think I care all that much right now - I'm just happy to be running and holding on a slim bit of hope that I can still show up and suffer the 50 Mile course. Dragging an extra 5lbs around the course is the least of my concerns right now.

I've been working my core, it's slowly getting stronger. I can actually do situps now haha! I have a long ways to go. This my or may not be helping me on my position on the bike. The back pain comes and goes but I can tell that a big part of my problem was my hip angle. I'm making progress but I still haven't applied my new riding position to the Tri bike yet. So far I've only been on the cross bike. I'm tired of back pain.

Took up trigger point therapy selfcare. Work amazing. Got a theracane thanks to Sheila's advice and it is worth it's weight in gold. So happy to be able to release the tension in my back when I need to. has been great for identifying my pain and suggesting the muscles affected. I can take the muscle group and google how to stretch and take care of it. Priceless.

Glad it wasn't this one
Had the greatest swim of my life last week to follow it up with absolutely no swimming this week. oops. The cycling and running took precedence as well as some real life things. I almost went last night until I realised my bathing suit has see through holes in places you don't want to know. I find my suits only last a couple months at best - the chlorine eats the material and it falls apart. These ones lasted a bit longer but not by much. Gotta find a new suit now....

I'm just happy to be training again.... I really hope I can make the 50 Mile race. I guess I should be careful what I wish for though  :)


  1. Intrigued on that theracane contraption... shocked it works that well! Went to a chiropractor for a while and they used trigger point therapy on my back. I have mixed feelings on it, not sure that it fixed the problem I went in with, but other things were straightened out in the process.

    ART can release that scar tissue on the achilles.

    Wear full compression socks too for the long runs, trust me. Also, no speed work running. You will be awesome if you just get the long slow runs in, the speed will come later.

    nice work biking man, I have found the bike fitness carries over more so than the run does... kind of counter intuitive to me.

    Kacie did a double IM last month. Ended up w/ stress fractures from it. Be careful what your schedule is AFTER the double IM man, going to take a toll, browse threw her posts on the event, looked fun.

  2. I hate snakes! Great job on the training! Make sure you listen to your body though! We need you to be well for the annual HOP beer run!!!

  3. my bike is still on the trainer, in fact i have a 3 hour ride tomorrow morning. its too dark in the morning to ride as i need to be done everything by 9 am

    i heard strength training works for injury prevention :o

  4. I hate snakes! Great job on the training! Make sure you listen to your body though! We need you to be well for the annual HOP beer run!!!



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