Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm stoked.

What gets the blood pumping? The adrenalin rushing? Check out this guy Epic Bill Bradley cuz in less than 10 hours he'll be attemping to SWIM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL.
It's through feats like these that get me excited to train something big for myself.

The EC is 34Km across at it's narrowest point. You don't get the luxury of swimming that though, as the currents and tides will drag you every which way. It can be alot longer!
Think about that - an Ironman swim is only 3.9Km. Bill is swimming MORE THAN 10 TIMES FARTHER! This is not across some glass water pond in the summer either, we're talking washing machine on agitate, and temperatures that could cause permanent shrinkage of vital components of the male anatomy! Did I mention NO WETSUIT?
Anatomy? This guy has got balls. His resume includes mind boggling feats such as a DOUBLE BADWATER RUN just earlier this year and my personal favourite TRIPLE IRONMAN. No seriously, you read that right. Ironman, triple distance, non-stop. If your eyes didn't just bulge out of your head and cause you to mumble GTFO under your breath then you need not apply here.
Epic is just a word. This guy is the real thing.

Go to his site, watch the videos, read his race reports.

Now I have to admit. I watch the videos in disbelief. I mean seriously... 'he's just some old guy'. But he shows up and suffers which is more than most of us will ever do in an entire lifetime.
Bill is 10 hours away from showing up to the start line of something EPIC. Guestimated 20+ hours of it! You think you were nervous about your race? What is THIS guy thinking right now this very second?

I watched his videos and asked myself, "What's my excuse!?" - If this guy can do it, so can I!
With the exception that I don't have his kinda of suicidal tendancies....  lol :)

His life story is something worth reading about. If that doesn't motivate you to get off your phat ass and train, I don't know what will. Now he just has to write the book, but I am worried that if he wrote a book - it would rival the Yongle Dadian cuz that's just how Bill rolls. :)

7.2Mile Swim, 336Mile Bike, 78.6Mile run  - Living is winning.

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