Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeding Tyme

I poked my head up out of the rut yesterday to look around. I promised I would use the short energy spurt to get a productive day in at the office, which I did. I ended up working late, as in past midnight, which I typically do a couple times a month at my convenience. So obviously I got no training in. Even if I wasn't working, it is likely I wouldn't have done anything anyways. I feel better blaming it on work though, there isn't as much guilt when 'missing' a workout. 
More of the same today. No workout - I have to hit downtown Toronto for some Geek time. It'll be another late night.
On a serious note. I think there is something wrong with me. Something very ill. Life threatening? I don't know. But what I do know is that I am scared to death of it -
I didn't eat all my pizza. W.T.F. - seriously, I ordered the standard medium pepperoni 'work-late' pizza and I ONLY ATE 2 SLICES!!!! ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!! The sky is falling, A pig just flew by my window and today is a guaranteed cold day in hell!
I always eat my pizza. At one time it was every day. I don't understand how I could only eat 2 slices of a perfectly good pie. I'm so ashamed. I'm in more of a rut than I thought. Is this the end? I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm running away from it, but it's getting closer and closer because I've been slacking on my training and I run like a gurl. Wait, no - scratch that. I can't even run like a gurl, did you see those times I posted for Jenn and Sabrina's run? Even they would crush me in a race! The light approaches. Oh the horror.

So anyhow, I got on the scale this morning and found I have dropped all that post-race repair water. I'm down 3lbs! It probably helped that I ate like a bird last night too. I would eat a pizza every day if it wasn't for Mrs. LotC. She's the greatest when it comes to food. When it's feeding time, she makes me my own separate pot of chili so I don't have to eat all the yucky vegetables. Pasta - again I get a separate batch of sauce without chunks of crud in it. Breakfast and lunch? Yeh, every day. No really, she gets up and MAKES my breakfast and lunch, even on days when she is not working and could have slept in.
Breakfast is usually a fruit smoothy, none of this pre-canned crap - she'll whip out the blender and toss in a bunch of frozen stuff that I wouldn't eat if my life depended on it. She adds some water to make it consistent enough to flow, sticks a straw in and makes me drink it. Some days I wonder if she's using that fake milk that she drinks, instead of water. The stuff from nuts or flowers or something. I can't remember the name of the milk. Lunch is an assortment of goodies. She'll make my sandwhiches and have it all packaged up and sitting with my smoothie in time for me heading out the door. Much of the same for dinner too. Yup, I'm lucky to have the greatest wife EVAR!
If my meals were up to me, I would probably have died from a heart attack years ago. I never ate this healthy until Mrs. LotC made me. I'll eat the crappy healthy stuff if it means I don't have to make it myself. Pizza and McDonalds is so much easier. :)
Speaking of easy, Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my magic closet!!


  1. not for nuttin but you really need to buy the mrs that bike considering all she does for you plus that whole socks incident (thatnooneshouldevertalkaboutagaincausejustewwwwwww).

    So I need to get into a rut cause I can't stop eating EVERYTHING in fact I'm pretty sure I ate the rest of your pizza sorry. I can't seem to help it. Please shoot me now and save me from myself.


  2. Eat it up now. After thanksgiving we'll get straight. Indulge, get the cravings out of the system now!
    We will do this! :)

  3. One my favorite running shirts "I run like a girl, try to keep up". I appreciate your humbleness but I'm pretty sure you and your long legs would kick my stumpyleg butt.

  4. p.s. - you better stop going on about Mrs.LotC or I'm going to start hitting on her. You are a lucky man!



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