Friday, October 1, 2010

Stubborn Heroes

Before I went to bed last night, I had to send a barrage of support Bill's way! As I tweeted his account, his sister would read the tweets to him while he was in the water on his feed 'break'. Now, I wonder if he can actually hear someone on the boat when sitting in the washing machine that is the English Channel, but nonetheless I'll assume they had the logistics figured out. He was already in the water for a couple hours, so I thought the following would help:
  • DEATH BEFORE DNF!  #DontTakeMeSeriously :)  lol 
  •  75% of the world is water - Can you Swim? :)
  •  Tell him I sent him a message in a bottle but he's gonna have to swim further to find it lol
  •  I went out back and pee'd in the lake. Tell him that warm spot was probably mine, he can thank me later.
  • Motivational tweet for @epicbillbradley since he's in the water now: "IS THAT A FIN?!! SWIM FASTER!!" be sure to point and scream #JAWS
I stuck around long enough before going to bed to listen in on his progress. It sounded like the first two feedings were Fail. I remember reading his blog about the crazy waves on his first attempt and hoped the sea sickness will subside in time. In the morning I expected to wake up and find Bill just past the halfway mark of his journey. I beleive they guesstimated a 20 hour swim!
This wasn't to be. The sea sickness took it's toll and you simply cannot complete an epic-anything with no fuel in your stomach to power the effort. He did make it longer than he did last time though!
DON'T COUNT HIM OUT. If anything this guy has shown, is that he is one determined stubborn S.O.B. and he will be back. Like as in, NEXT WEEK! He applied to get a permit for another attempt as early as next week. He has struck a deal with the boat pilot and picked up some prescription sea sickness pills and is more determined than ever. I hope he gets his permit, the suspense is killin' me!

So this brings me to the other hero of the day - Scott Goodfellow - you can view the video below to find out who Scott is. It just so happens he left a comment on Training Payne blog and I remembered his name from the video. The video below is by far the greatest Ironman video EVAR!!! NBC captured Scott's battle and his effort has inspired so many and has become quite the IM celebrity. Since the video, Scott has joined the P.F.G. club. Life, wife, kids and a good 50lbs later and he is determined to get back in shape and is aiming for the Ottawa Marathon in the spring. I look forward to awarding him his 'P' in PFG in the spring!

I can feel the 'blah' leaving me as I write this. These past couple days have been exciting and I'm stoked! It's cold out, but damnit I WANT to go for a ride. I think I'm ready to start the road to Lake Placid. Oh, now that my passion is back, I can finalize my gameplan to Ironman.

No Training Today. Final Phat-Mode Rest Day.

Greatest. Ironman. Video. EVAR.


  1. Your post the other day had me poking thru Bill's website. OMG!!

    Love the IMLP countdown you have goin already:)

  2. I'll have to make Freddie watch that video. I think he's going to show up for the trail run this weekend. I told him you were going to shame him for being so lazy so be prepared!

  3. Good luck J. I have a feeling this is going to be your year.




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