Monday, September 20, 2010

Just another weekend

She was going to leave without me. Can you believe that? I have to draw the line at that one so I threw my bike clothes on and joined her. I didn't really feel like riding. Everything is stiff, all my muscles are very tight. Stretching is not helping and I still have ample back pain. I have been under alot of stress this week and I needed to get a workout in. Saturday was cool, but I opted for shorts and a shirt. I didn't even take my camelback as I was expecting a quick short ride. As soon as I got on the bike I could feel how tight my back was. I haven't been taking the muscle relaxants to help with the pain as I had way too many of them leading up to Ironman Muskoka and did not want to continue with them this week. Surprisingly the trails were dry. Except for that one deep mushy puddle off the end of a wooden bridge. I seen the puddle, I wheelied off the bridge but some kind of magnet was drawing my wheel to it mid-air. As soon as the wheel struck dirt I made an emergency turn to avoid said mush pit but I still had my racing tires on from the MTB Triathlon and they just slid. Now it's not only cool out, and I'm stiff and sore but let's add a soaker to that one too. My right foot went into the mud and I think there is some foul odour coming from it. I'm not sure if that was there before the mud or not, regardless I am noticing it. ick.
At the end of our usual route, we went exploring onto new trail. We followed the bruce trail along the river until Paris. Not a very well used section of trail so it was not smooth going. The wind picked up and we now had a bit of rain. This exploring took way longer than anticipated, the trail just kept going. I'm just not feeling this ride, but I was happy to get out and silence the voices in the back of my head that have been nagging me to just get out and do something.
I have been looking forward to a run. I didn't bother doing one Saturday since we did get the MTB ride so I aimed for Sunday. On Sunday I joined some fellow I.T. pro's at the Argo's game. I'm not a footbal person, but we got free tickets and it was a good opportunity to try something different. I even took the GO train in which is rare for me. We arrived a bit late to the game, but no matter as none of us were real fans. I did my best to follow the game and stop watching the jumbotron as it was much easier to follow it on the big screen since they zoom onto the part of the play that matters. The cheerleaders were nothing short of disturbing. They had little 12 year olds, probably younger, being led by an official cheerleader doing grown-up provacative dances in skimpy outfits. I can't believe the parents were encouraging that, I'm so glad I don't have a daughter. Just plain wrong. The game was over quick, Argo's got lucky and barely squeezed out a win. After dinner and a train ride home, I had no time to get a run in. I spent the rest of the evening up late working on the computer. The stress has returned. I desperately need to go for a run.

I have been getting feedback with regards to my blog. It's surprising how many people actual read it. Most feedback is very positive however, I'm looking for more input - should I shorten up the posts or not? In comparison, my posts are much longer than most other blogs out there. Races and important milestones warrant a detail post, that is something I cannot avoid as I want something to look back on. These day to day posts tend to be lengthy though, your feedback is appreciated.

Actually I'm suprised I'm not tired of blogging already. I am not a 'writer' by any stretch of the imagination, yet here I am still.

Training Summary:
Bike - 2hrs of "Teh Suck"(tm)

Oh and my father scored some good photo and video at Muskoka. I'll trickle a bit at a time in posts over the next week or so.

Here is a video of me at the start of the Run Split

Here is a video at the FINISH of the run split, he labelled it wrong on the video lol :)


  1. No shortening of the posts, they are the right length based on what you are blogging about and if you get boring don't worry I will let you know right before I fall asleep. :-) Despite your claim to the contrary you are a great writer (but if you ever tell you I said that I'll have to kill you).

    By the way, you said 'ick'? U sure you aren't a girl?

    Did you buy the Mrs. a bike yet??

  2. I think the length of your posts are perfect. You have great humour in them which is entertaining and keeps us coming back!
    You are great writer and athlete!

    Mrs. LOTC

    p.s. no bike yet!! ;)

  3. Always blog for yourself and if people want to read, they read. You can't please everyone and the more you try, the less the blog becomes about you and the more it becomes about your readers.

    A fav. quote of mine ...
    "Run like hell and get the agony over with"

  4. p.s. - I love that the same guy who thought you would kill yourself came out to video tape his boy in all his glory. "The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do"
    (yeah, I'm a quote machine)

  5. SSINAG - Oh dont get ahead of yourself! As soon as I lose my enthusiam and run out of fun material I'm sure my writing will get dull and boring real quick! I am allowed to use gurly wurdz, I guess I missed that in my disclaimer back at post #1. oh - and the Mrs has to earn that bike. Not until AFTER a half-iron. :)

    Mrs LOTC - Get a life.

    BrianB - Get an attention span.

    Jenn, AKA Confucius - Thanks for the feedback! Oh and I'm pretty sure he came out to watch me fail. Amazingly he actually said he was proud of me, several times, as in one of those father-son I-never-tell-you-I-Love-You-Until-Its-Too-Late moments. Except it wasn't a moment, it was more like a You-May-Have-Succeeded-This-Time-But-You-Will-FAIL-Come-Lake-Placid-And-THEN-I-Can-Say-I-Told-You-So.



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