Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Community Healing

In the end, we went and did our own run on our usual route. I'm glad we didn't join the Runners Den group. Not even a quarter of the way through and stomach cramps kicked in. I should have listend to Fran as we ate too much and then ran too soon. Then my hip pain came back with a vengence. I was keeping a great pace and pushed through the pain as I know this is my last run for awhile. The joint pain at the hip will take awhile to go away, I had it about this time last year.
Through the run all I could think about was the moron at Runner's Den. We had called to find out what nights the running groups happened so we could join them. Instead we got excuses about how everyone is on there own schedule and distance and something about clinics. I don't understand how a small business like that can survive by pushing new people away. The community is their lifeline by adding value and services it would draw more people in. It sounded like 'new' runners were an inconvenience to them, heck they didn't even try to sell us on the clinics with date/time/price info. I do not feel guilty about buying online for way cheaper. I would really like to find a faster runner to train with, I need someone to pace me.
The next morning I hit the pool for a 2500m swim. For my first swim since Muskoka, I felt great. I was only going to do 2000m but the guy in the next lane was unofficially racing me. Every lap we just got faster and faster until we were at an all out sprint. The difference was I do not push off the walls. At all. No flip turns either. I just touch and go. There is no wall to push off of in open water so I consider it cheating. Having said that, this guy would launch off the wall and I would gradually catch him and pass him by the end of the lane - we would repeat this over and over. I finally gave in and gave a decent push off the wall and left him behind. It felt good, especially considering I was at the end of 2000m swim. I put a few extra laps in for good measure after he quit. I couldn't show any signs of weakness. I would have commended him on his effort but I didn't see him again until the shower room and I didn't want to fish for eye contact to initiate a conversation with stranger while we're all nekid. It might send a wrong signal lol.
I'll try a road ride next. Running is out of the question until the fire in my hips is out.

Above: My wave start line
To the right: DeLorean BTTF car on 401 on way home from Muskoka. I kid you not.

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