Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drug Runner

This was actually a post I started last week that I wasn't satisfied with. I have round off the ending and cut it short to just get it posted. I've been in a 'creative rut'.

I've got to get a run in tonight.

Pre-Race Course Inspection Photo Op

I should really get out for that run.
It's getting late, maybe I don't have time now.
Uggghh I know I need to run but it's dark and cold now.
Maybe tomorrow. Yah, tomorrow I'll do it for sure. I'll even double it and go non-stop to make up for tonight.
!!!!Stop what you are doing.!!!!
Read a blog. Watch a video. Check your twitter messages.

A tweet from MattyO says "10k completed, not pretty but its done", and that is all it took.
I threw on my shoes and out the door I went. I anticipated a really short run, around the block at most, since my hip is still 'on edge'. It was pitch dark and the street lights here are horrible. The trees are mature in our area and block all the light which makes runing on the sidewalks a sport. I ran through a different neighbourhood to try and find the 'well lit' streets but a pathway took me into a dark ravine. As I ran down the path I could see the silhouette of a couple people. I could smell it. Great, here I am in the pitch dark running down a path that I don't know where it leads and now I have to run by creepy people smokin' pot and it looks like they are striking a deal! As I got closer all I could was think what the headline would say the next day - 'Stupid runner, out past dark, gets himself stabbed for nothing'. I was wondering what I would say when they demand I hand over my wallet. I didn't have one. Heck, I had no ID or anything. They wouldn't be able to identify the body even. Although I did have the big honking GPS hanging off my wrist that I could barter for my life with. No. No way am I giving that thing up, I like my GPS!
As soon as I ran by them I just sped up and didn't look back. My 'sprint' was nothing short of a brisk walk as I was already tired. Regardless, I think next time I'll stick to the main roads.

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