Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Half-Iron Blues

THAT'S how stiff my legs were

Bend down to pickup gear? ugghhhh...


Pumps - not just for inflating tires. Cane FTW!

SSINAG was asking why I haven't been blogging. I said I was 'in a rut'. "Then post about the rut! Most of us are struggling.", was her answer to that. Makes sense, so I'll just rant away:

Rut. Is that what you call it? I begin writing a blog and a couple paragraphs later I'm bored. All I see is blah, blah, blah-blah, blah and it. is .just a. boring. story. I seemed to have lost my 'creative' touch. If there is such a thing.
I think this is just an extension of Real Life(tm). No training. Like nothing whatsoever! I can't even look at my bike. I feel guilty for not riding, but I dont have the passion. I need to be preparing for Lake Placid, but I seem to be suffering from a mental burnout.  I am blah after coming down from the 'high' of Ironman Muskoka. I'm so tired, I don't want to get out of bed and just want to hibernate indoors behind my computer screen. Some attribute this to the weather, and I would have to agree it doesn't help, but there is more to it. I want to train, I see everyone positng race results, and I just can't seem to muster the willpower.
While writing this, I did a quick search and found Ironman Blues which seems to be the case for many others.

A few things come to mind after I read those articles. It's not an Ironman, it's just a half. This keeps going through my head, I am simply not happy with 'just a half'. Even then, I want a better time. I know I'm better than a 6hr finisher time. I know what it's like to slack on training, but I'm not feeling that. I stuff my face silly with junk food and over-eat every meal and I feel guilty. There is this crushing weight of guilt that fatboy-needs-to-get-out-and-train or I'll lose what little fitness I have gained this year. I dunno.

On the flip side though, I felt a bit better today. I woke up feeling alert and refreshed for the first time in ages. I am making a point of putting out some solid productivity at the office and making the best of this little energy spurt before it wears off. I have given myself until thanksgiving to continue this revert back to the ways of the dark phat-side. I figure after pigging out at thanksgiving, I will have had enough and will get back on the training wagon. I worry that it's just a little too far out though, I will already have gone soft by then.

I did however make a decision that I will not run a Marathon before Iroman Lake Placid. I might do something like 'around the bay race' which is just short of a marathon, but ultimately I want my first full marathon to be part of an Ironman!. Then I want to get this shirt! :)

So back to the blog posts. Hmmmmm. Yup, they've been sparse. I just haven't felt like writing. Well, actually let me correct that - I start to write, but then it is 'just not good enough'. Boring, plain, waste of time to read. I think I'm going to write anyways. I don't like seeing gaps in my posts, this was supposed to be a chronicle of my journey, even if it is a boring one.
A wise runner-chick once commented
 "Always blog for yourself and if people want to read, they read"

I would like to congradulate Jenn on a crushing time of 2:09 Scotia Bank Waterfront Half Marathon, finishing well ahead of more than half of her category!

Sabrina missed the sub-4-hour mark by 1 minute at the same event on the Marathon course. Congrats on the PB!


  1. You don't have to call me SSINAG, you can call me Anita!! haha I'm glad you posted, it's true many are in a rut. Whaddya say to a little wager re training and eating? Not quite sure what it would be but it would sure help me.. at this point I need to get in ONE day at a time. We could do day to day, train and eat well OR ELSE. haha!

    Honestly you did such an amazing job on your half Iron, take some time off, you've earned it and you will be back at it. (or that freaking Rodney rockstar will be screaming at both of us).

    Again, go buy the wife a bike, it'll make you feel good all over!

  2. Well, look at me "little-ole half-marathoner" getting a shout out from bronzeboyyellowsocks! I'll tell you though, for me, that was a hell of an acomplishment so I appreciate the congrats.

    I get in a bit of a rut after a race too so I try to do a smaller race to pull me out of it. I'm going to do a 10k on October 17 - you and the Mrs are more than welcome to join me.

    As for the eat-guilt-eat cycle, it's interesting to know that men get into that cycle too. You said it perfectly "fatboy-needs-to-get-out-and-train or I'll lose what little fitness I have gained this year" - just switch it to fatgirl and you've entered my thought process. I'm already stressing that I haven't run since Sunday.


    p.s. - love the t-shirt!



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