Thursday, October 7, 2010

Death Bed

Ew. The sweat is gathering on the inside of my elbows and back of the knees and running down my chest. The good news is, my headache has finally subsided enough that I can look at a computer screen.
Yup, I'm deathly Ill. What is it? I have no idea. The doctor figures some kind of infection but he couldn't figure out where it is coming from. Bowels are moving just fine, ears, throat are clear and there is no pain coming from anywhere. Annoying. Tuesday night I was up all night with a killer fever and intense naseua. I can deal with a fever, but the naseua was worse than when I was taking percocet for my knee surgery. Fran saved my life that night. I got up to take a pee and on the way back to bed my knees started to buckle. She jumped out of bed and caught me. I blacked out completely for a few minutes. I couldn't even string a sentence together, I was trying to tell her what was wrong with me incase she had to relay it to the ambulance crew. When I finally got my sight back I was laying down on the bathroom floor, I dont even know how I got there. I dont even remember falling. It was a very long night.
Wednesday wasn't much better. Again, the fever comes in waves, but the worst part is the cold. I've been getting 'the shakes' as if I'm freezing to death. Nothing is warming me up. I can't function, I just lay there and freeze. If it wasn't for Fran staying home to take care of me, I would be in the hospital for sure. On the plus side, I finally vomited. I've had this permanent feeling that I wanted to and finally out of nowhere in the middle of the night it finally happened. I think I was drinking too much water, and I needed electrolytes. I've been sweating way more than I thought. Poor Fran, the blankets were soaked last night. I think she's catching a cold with all these sleepless nights.
I'm thankful that the headache has finally ceased, but I think its just because of the advil. Gravol works wonders for the naseua. I started drinking powerade instead of water and I think it's working much better. The intense naseau has limited my choices to apple, bannanas. Toast is so-so.
I'm hoping to get a good night's sleep tonight. I slept pretty much all day yesterday. I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck. My skin is tingley to the touch, almost like pain. I would like to shave this beard, but it's too painful.
Anyhow, I have to go air out now. I'm soaking wet. I would take my sweater off to dry off, but I wont want to risk succombing to the cold shakes again. I'd rather be super hot, than super cold. It's a cold that I can't warm up from, no matter what I try. I better feel good by tomorrow. I don't think you're supposed to have fevers for this long.
All this lack of training, I'm definitely going soft.

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  1. That's awful!! sorry you are sick.. NOW I am sure Fran has earned that bike.. yes NOW



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