Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm cheating.

The Mistress.
Sooooooo one of the original objectives of my Ironman journey was my intention to do it "on a budget". That meant your typical run of the mill running shoes, no wetsuit and I was going to use the 'old' road bike I already had.
On my way to pickup the lady
Well, the water was too cold and I gave in and bought a wetsuit. I prefer no wetsuit, I may not wear one at IMLP but nonetheless I bought one for for these frigid Canadian waters.

Running shoes. Well I didn't need fancy running shoes because, well, I wasn't doing any running. When I finally started to 'train' on my feet, I quickly appreciated a pair of shoes. So I gave in and bought a pair.

The bike, well it worked just fine at Muskoka. No need for a Tri-bike at Muskoka with all those hills. However, after taking @BrianBourne 's tri bike for  a spin - I was convinced that I needed one. So fast, so light, so sexy, so much peer pressure, such great marketing tactics - OK - I want one!

So much for those initial objectives.

I picked up the new love of my life yesterday.A good sponge bath just before watching Ironman Canada on the TV and we were ready for a ride today.

She immediately jumped in the backseat - what class!

This is my first crotch cannon. I've only ever mounted a Tri-bike for all of 10 minutes on Brian's bike and that was it. I was happy to find, it handles like a charm! It's not sketchy in the aero bars, I felt perfectly comfortable as if I have been doing this for years.

I got out on the open road and got comfortable in the aero position, turned a steady rythm on the pedals. That's when I heard it. I could hear a noise coming from the bike. I coasted for a moment and the noise got louder and the bike shuddered beneath me! A quick couple of pedal strokes to force it into a stable straight line again and the noise dissapaited a little.
Now I could hear it, I knew what it was saying:

"Ride harder you pussy!", said the bike.
I didn't want to disappoint so I got up on the taint and reefed on the pedals - it felt and sounded like a jet engine was spooling up! The beast gradually picked up speed and once out of the hole we sailed along on a plain with minimal effort. I screamed across the country side with mah hair on fyre!
The bike was happy, it only wanted to be treated like it should. I recall reading a review on this bike and it all made sense,
"...when Kuota called and said "you have to ride the Kalibur!" what my ears chose to hear was "you have to stick yourself at lactate threshold and stay there till your liver comes out your ass...."
No time for lolly gaggin' about with this one, she likes it rough.

Well if it's good enough for him, I'm pretty sure it is good enough for me. I have no excuse to be slow now, other than I got a fat ass :)

Some picks from the test flight:

Check out them curves on the stays


You just can't take Fran anywhere... she got pretty excited and started humping my mistress..... So I worked the camera.


  1. Ha ha Congrats on the new ride!

    My thoughts were exactly the same about doing tris on the cheap after seeing both my younger bros who did several Ironmans, leave their fancy equipment to gather dust in the basement.

    Now I'm mulling over a P2......

  2. The P2 is definitely a nice catch - you can't go wrong with one! I was looking at an Argon 18 E-80 at that price point as they are clearing out the 2010's right now! I wanted something different than everyone else :)

  3. This is awesome, your mistress is HOT!! Man, I am trying NOT to get a new bike and save $$ but you guys (in the blog world) are making me want one!!

  4. There better be a bike under the tree for Mrs.LOTC!



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