Sunday, November 14, 2010

NFL Madness

This day only comes around once every Five years. I usually forget about the experience and get excited about going, only to find that I end up reminding myself of how much I do not enjoy going to watch a football game. That is, until I went to a REAL football game. I've only been to CFL games until now.
A supplier offered up tickets, bus and booze to coerce us out on a 'business' trip so how can I turn that down? My initial reaction was 'hell no' as I already did a football game earlier this year. This was a chance to see the real deal, an NFL game though! Admittedly I had high hopes, and I certainly was not disappointed.
Upon arriving, I was blown away by the sheer number of people! It was mind boggling the number of vehicles and busses and barbeques and beer and oh-my-gawd-is-that-chick-nekkid!?!? O.M.G. I've never seen a bigger party in my life. I didn't understand 'tailgate party' until just now, boy did I feel dumb. 70,000+ people and that is no exaggeration. I'd swear it was more.
Right there in the parking lot everyone fired up barbeques and we ate like kings. Bottomless coolers of beer were supplied for the pre-game festivities. I was tempted to drink, however I blamed my non-alcoholic thirst on my sad state of 'training' over the past week. That, and the fact they were only serving donkey piss for beer (Coors light). They didn't have any non-donkey-piss to drink so I had to go without. That was a little annoying but I'll be damned if I'm the one to speak up and ask where the water is. I was afraid that they'd pull a 'coyote ugly' on me.
Once at the game it was nothing short of intense. Everyone around us was absolutely piss drink. Not just a light buzz, but full on plastered. It was awesome, we had alot of fun with the local americans with Canadian jokes. We learned a new language too: Beer. Apparently some of the people around you become overly obnoxious and speak in a tongue you will not understand. Even though I didn't speak beer, we all just smile and nodded and laughed on queue. There was a surprising number of police at every entrance. Literally, every 7 minutes they were arresting and kicking people out. Fights, vomitting and drunken stupidity was rampant but funny to watch. Nobody got violent in our area, we had a fun crowd!
I think the thing that stood out from most - the woman. There was a disproportionate female:male ratio which is unheard of at football games at home. Surprisingly - they were all hot. Heck, I didn't even have beer goggles on and they were all good looking. The place was crawling with them. Here we are, a bunch of geeks and we got approached several times by great looking woman that were striking up conversation and being exceptionally friendly. If I didn't know better, I'd say they were woefully intoxicated and had there beer goggles on. Oh wait a minute..... damn. I do know better. Nonetheless, it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like - anyone can get laid at a Buffalo Bills game. Anyone. Although you may  first need to lower your standards a bit as none of them are sober.
So anyhow, the game was long and cold but the crowd made it fun. The game was decided in the very last play which was exciting, and the Bills even won their first game in something like 15 games? The drive home was horrific. It sucks being one of the only sober people on a bus after a footbal game. Makes for an extremely long, loud, annoying ride home. I should have had a couple lol.

Training? Hah. What a suck week for training. It was a scheduled 'rest' week but instead of sticking to the routine and easing up on the intensity of the workouts - I inadvertantly opted to miss just about every single workout. I've worked late a few nights so I may need to learn to get out of bed in the morning instead. Ugghhh.. I was hoping to wait until the New Year for that.

WEEKLY TOTAL - Week 4 - Rest Week

Total: 2:14hrs     - damn, I won't even bother breaking that down into disciplines, it's shameful. FAIL. lol

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