Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lord of the Mermaids

Sometimes I think I can. I am just on edge, about to try but then I figure I don't want to make a fool of myself incase I vomit in the middle of the pool. Either way, I'm tempted to try to breath underwater. I swear I used to be a fish in a past life so maybe I have hidden gills somewhere? My swimming last night was impeccable!

The evening started off with a struggle. Our Media Center PC died in a power outage. I finished off the rebuild and we cuddled on the couch to watch Walking Dead. This new machine meant we can finally stream HDTV off the home network, and with the video card upgrades it was beautiful to watch! When the time came to get out the door to the pool - neither of us budged. The couch was warm, the TV looked so good and there is a backlog of Stargate Universe episodes calling my name. She wasn't moving. I begged and pleaded with her and although she promised me, back on Monday, she would come swimming tonight - she just wouldn't get off the couch! It would be easier if she got up, because then I would be cold and lonely and have no choice but to hit the pool. Instead I just layed there with the 'old ball and chain'.
I'd Tap That.
Oops, did I say that out loud?
Eventually I managed to hack my way free from the chain and made a run for it. Heck she even got up to get me a towel so I figure there was something on TV she wanted to watch and just didn't want me around. Ok fine. I get it. I can take a hint. I'll just goto the pool all by my lonesome. You'll be sorry if Chrissy Wellington is at the pool tonight, you wish you would have been there to stop me drooling over her her.

Well luckily for my sake, Chrissy wasn't at my pool. I can dream can't I? Although tonight there was a few Ironman Muskoka competitors, I could tell from the swim caps. They helped motivate me to concentrate on technique and keep my speed up. I had to try to look the part at least. :)  It felt great! I was looking forward to chatting with them at the end of my workout but they had all left before I was done. This happens alot, I just cannot justify getting off the couch for anything less than a 2000m swim. 40 minutes is hardly a workout.

On a side note, as I predicted, Training Payne couldn't stay away from blogging. He had started a community blog so that the TP Cult followers could continue on in his absence. The posts are made by anonymous in the 'essence' of TP and the first few posts have been nothing short of humourous. You can read it here, I just contributed my first post to the blog.
Just the same, in his absence, I tried to find his replacement but after reading what seems like a million blogs - they all suck compared to his. I have no doubt that mine ranks among the suck, so I'm glad he has more or less returned! I am following alot more people now, so if you want to save yourself the hassle of reading alot of suck - you can just click on the filtered links I've collected on the left. Those are the decent ones. I'm always open to suggested blogs if you have a favourite you would like to share!
Oh and I also added a 'rating' to the bottom of my blogs. There is also an automated 'related posts' gadget too, except it will take awhile for it to start giving better suggestions as it has to 'crawl' my posts first. I'll give it a week and kill it off if it doesn't improve by then.


  1. My blog sucks? I'm devastated!!! But I knew it. I'm glad TP is back but I hope that TP2 continues. I have a few ides.

    Your blog is not among the suck but I will deny I ever said that.

    Buy Fran a bike OR I will kick her ass this year at the half ironman.

  2. I filtered all the suck blogs and only put the good ones on the left of mine. Yours is on there silly!

    I'll get her a bike just as soon as she starts to train with me!

    Welland/Musselman is less than 6 months of training away. That's not much time at all! You chix need to get the base training started immediately! :)

  3. I am starting!! Got my program from Nancy and she's ready to kick my ass. Just need to get this 'fast' out of the way.

  4. Ha ha Training Payne has the best blog, I knew he couldn't stay away long. I think TP2 might stick around though.

    Hey your blog doesn't suck at all! :)

  5. The key is to not let her sit on the nice warm couch until AFTER the workout. I know that once my wife curls up under a blanket there is no moving her.

  6. well our sucky blogs will be great to follow capped with a meeting at IMLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



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