Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Water Logged

Intermittent Mode

Dark. Cold. Windy. Rain. Yeh, that sounds like a great night to run - NOT. On the way home I came up with a measurement standard for deciding on whether to run or not. When I'm on the highway heading home and my intermittent wipers are on 'low frequency' then I can run just fine. Probably without the rain jacket since the only reason the wipers need to be on is because I'm going 100Km/h. If I have to turn the wipers onto intermittent-but-high-frequency, then I can still run with a rain jacket and be prepared to cut the distance a little bit short. Now if the wipers have to be Full-ON with no intermittent pauses, then I'm not running outdoors that night!
Sure enough it was a intermittent-High night and I donned my rain jacket and out I went. I was surprisingly warm, probably because the jacket does not breath. By the time I was 30 minutes in though, I was starting to soak through all my clothing. The rain turned into a Full-ON mode and I cut the loop and headed home.

Post Run - Yah I WIN!
For my first 'rain run' of the program - I am proud to say I actually made it out the door! I didn't want to ruin my new shoes so I dug my old ones out of the closet. They were still crusty and muddy from the Off-Road Triathlon I did back in the summer. I guess I didn't wash them since I had bought new shoes the same week. Ooops. My feet barely fit in them with two layers of socks. That or my feet are getting fat? It was a really tight fit. I didn't even have to 'zip-up' the speed laces lol.

Garmin data will have to wait - they are doing maintenance on the servers STILL. Besides, the GPS took forever to get a lock so I had to manually adjust the time/distance. I'm not standing in the rain waiting for it to find the satellites! ~30Min, 5Km cut short due to heavy rain

Pre Run - This is gonna suck!



  1. There is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people...although November rain does suck ass! I'd rather drive in rain but I'd rather run in snow.

  2. Oh I love that saying!
    "There is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people.."

    That's awesome! I'm going to use it and maybe if you're lucky I'll give the credit to u :)

    Spring is almost here so luckily we dont have to put up with much more of this weather!

  3. way get out that door
    lots of that weather ahead over the next 5 months!



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