Friday, November 19, 2010

Up Down

Last night went later than I would have liked, but I'm proud to say at least it went!

After work I went to a supplier's new office for drinks and had a great time. By the time I came home and ate dinner it was getting late. I overate, of course it was pizza! How could I not indulge?? So while the 252523 slices digested in the belly I got an episode of Stargate Universe in. One episode turned into two, which turned into three, which - well you get the picture. In my vegetative state I let bed time creep up on me while I pretended not to see the clock viciously staring me down.
I was so proud of myself a couple nights ago. I sucked it up. I ran in the rain. I am HardK0re. Right?
I wasn't about to let that big win be all for nothing. I rolled my phat ass off the couch and threw on whatever running clothes I could find, clean or not, and was out the door in the blink of an eye! Wow, I'm really doing this, I thought. It was actually nice out, just warm enough to not freeze the boogers in your nose. I stuck to a new route I've been eyeing. Well lit streets along back roads that have bus routes through the residential area. I concentrated on form, this time short quick steps, and my shin splints barely bothered me.
I did it. Yeh, you can picture me patting myself on the back right now. I win!
So today the rest day has been well earned. A perfect week so far and I'm actually looking forward to round it off with a perfect weekend plan.

Unfortunately the great evening was followed up by an equal and opposite lousy day at the office. Looking on the bright side though, it is Friday and a Rest day! W00t!


  1. nice job!!! I'm on vacation for at least a week, maybe 2 so I'll have no excuse NOT to get out there.

    PS - buy Mrs. LoTC a bike



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