Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Round 2 - Fight!

So, with the first set of training weeks behind me, what have I learned?
Well I break my training up in weeks of four. The fourth week being a 'recovery week'. The objective of this first set is simply to get comfortable with the routine. It had nothing to do with the quality of workouts, just simply the fact I was doing the workouts. Period.
Week one was perfect, I was excited to get back into it. By week two I lost a bit of motivation and working late throws a wrench into the mix. I did manage to double up one day and make up for all but one of the workouts.
Recovery Week FAIL
Week three was the toughest yet most successful since I knew I had a recovery week coming up, I pushed a bit harder and had a bit more motivation to do well. I am very happy with week three! I think the third week of each set will be my favourite!
Recovery week four? Yeh that was fail. I completely missed the majority of workouts due to late nights at the office. I justified it as 'it is only a recovery week' but that doesn't help when the point of this was to get used to the routine. I suck!
So here I am at the beginning of the second set of the program. The next 4 weeks will remain in maintenance mode, again just getting accustomed to routinely getting my training in. I've been missing out on my cycling, but I'm not too worried about that yet. I have plenty of time to squeeze that in at the beginning of the day - but I think I'll wait until December to start factoring those workouts in. I need to adjust to the training load I have now, before I go throwing in early mornings too! I struggle with the early mornings!

To kick it off - I swam some extra last night, just because. With so much non-active recovery last week(politically correct term for laziness?), I was surprised to find myself faitgued 2/3 of the way through the workout. I really had to push through the final bit. I think too much rest has taken its toll on me?

SET 1 TOTAL (4 WEEKS), Maintenance Mode

20 Activities at 161Km in 20.5hrs
Swim Set: 5.5hrs
Bike Set: 6.25hrs (MTB)
Run Set: 7.25hrs
Strength: 1:00hrs


  1. I think we are all struggling a bit with the routine of it all. I was happy to get in a spin and yoga class last night. I'm scheduled for a run tonight but I think the weather will kill that for me. I need to buy a treadmill for my basement. I think, all things considered, you are doing great on the JPO program.

  2. Damn...you're plan starts already?!?

    (quietly hoping mine hasn't started without me)


  3. I wouldn't be too worried seeing that's its mid November. Now if you're writing this and its mid June, then you might have some problems

    As SSINAG said, its a crappy time of year but at least you're doing something. Now as for running on a treadmill in your basement, that ranks right up there with watching paint dry or glaicers move



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