Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nuclear weakness

What do the following have in common, in this order?

Ironman  Motivation.
Ironman DVD Trailers
Lance Armstrong Commercials.
Nike Commercials.
Science of cycling muscles.
Tour de France Motivation.
Effects of Nuclear fallout
What causes crop circles
Peak Oil
Survival Skills
Wait - what was I doing here again?? And where did the last 4 hours go!?

Yup, just your typical night getting lost in You-Tube videos again. I started out collecting a series of videos for a You-Tube training playlist that I can watch while on the indoor stationary trainer. Somehow, I got side tracked, again!
I spent the majority of the evening watching Ironman and Tour de France though. I picked out an excellent list that has good soundtrack that I can ride with to help pass the time. I was so pumped after watching those videos that I'm excited to ride again and ride hard! It is recovery week though, so I need to reel in my urge to push hard. The motivational juices are flowing full force again!
Luckily for me, I kinda sorta did get an hour on the bike before hand. I never did setup my 'Pain Cave' on the weekend so I quickly threw the bike on the trainer and plunked it in front of the kid's TV. I just wanted to turn the pedals and try out the playstation while riding. I decided I would play something non-twitch based, and the kids helped me pick out a car racing game. In total it was an hour, but I didn't turn the pedals the entire time. The bike still needed adjustments so I had to get off a couple times and lower the seat, adjust seat angle etc. I had Mrs. LoTC take pictures from the side to see what my angles were. That was futile because the camera sucks, there was no light and I completely wore the wrong clothes since they hang off me and I couldn't clearly see things. I need to put an honest effort into a fitting session sometime soon!
Playing on the playstation was interesting. I needed room to handle the controller so that interferes a bit with my posture on the bike. It was getting a bit uncomfortable from my neck being sore from looking up and resting on my forearms. I'm sure it has a bit to do with the bike fit, but ultimately because the 'pain' kicked in so soon - I am pretty sure my muscles are not developed for riding in this position. I have a big brain so that's alot of weight to support with my double-chinned neck. :)
I'll be giving the Pain-Cave alot of thought. I need to come up with a more permanent solution since I would like to try to do some early morning rides next week. I need to get accumsted to this alien position on my first tri-bike. I've only been out on it once since I got it.

 Finally Garmiconnect is working - Here is Sunday's long run and last night's easy ride.

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  1. Do you have Netflix? The Instant Watch saved my indoor riding season last winter.



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