Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fish PB

That was the longest swim to date!
4000m continuous Free, with a 1 minute break at the 3000m point and 30 seconds at 2000m mark.

I was getting fatigued since I also punished myself with an unplanned 1.5hr moderate trainer ride before the swim.

Today my arms feel like jello. My hands feel like they have a brick strapped to them. This is great!

Red Eyez. Note to self: Fix teh UniBrow!
My eyes are very irrated. I read a few articles about red eyes after swimming and it's likely I have allergy to the chlorine. Mrs. LoTC administered eye drops last night and it felt like it helped a bit, but this morning they are red. I look and feel like hangover eyes. Need more eyedrops, but I hate them! The wife likes to put them in for me, she likes to inflict pain on others. I've never seen her so excited given the chance to pour alcohol on a wound or rip a bandaid off my hairy legs. She's sick like that.

I'm a little worried though. Everyone around me is ill, there is a cold thing going around. In my fatigued state I am likely to catch something. Maybe I'll walk around with a facemask or something.


  1. I can't beleive how many people are sick! I'm trying to stay away from them all. I hear lots of people have a really bad stomach bug, NOT good.

    Your eyes are probably just irritated, just don't rub them.



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