Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 9 Review

Party Cat says: U slack too much

So this was the first week to incorporate early mornings. I decided that I would get up for two of the mornings to get a trainer ride in, and just sleep in the other two. I contemplated getting up for all 4 workout days as it might not be a good idea to change up my sleep routine like that. Is consistent wakeup time better than a varying one? I do not know, but nonetheless I had a better chance of getting out of bed if I knew I could sleep in the next day.

Kona Partaay
The week started off perfect. I rolled out of bed on time and made the workouts count. It was a perfect week until the weekend. I took my scheduled rest day on Friday as usual but unfortuntely my rest spanned Saturday and Sunday due to hangover. To make matters worse, I went on an eating binge that included more candy, sweets and pie than I would like to admit. Complete nutrition fail.

Compared to previous weeks I still managed to squeeze out a barely adequate number of maintenance hours thanks to those early mornings. From here on in, I've decided no more alcohol for the rest of the holidays. The sweets on the other hand I may have to do battle with.

More Partay. I am all Partied Out..

I have made several adjustments to my bike fit since I started on the trainer. In the new year I plan a professional fitting. I've tried to do it on my own, but it's just not the same. I don't have the confidence in my setup and I can feel my neck getting tired from holding my head up. I don't know if this is due to me not being adequately trained to hold the aero position for a long time, or if my setup is wrong. Either way I'll find out soon. Then I can concentrate on strengthing the muscles that seem to need work. My neck gets tired and sore, and the front of my shoulders do too. I'm not used to the aero position. This sucks.

WEEK 9 TOTAL (Set 3, Week 1 - Maintenance Mode)

Swim: 1:40hrs
Bike: 2:00hrs
Run: 2:20hrs
Strength: nil
Total: 6:00hrs


  1. Didn't you just post? two posts, one day, nice!! Love the pic of you two at the party, you make such a nice couple when you aren't nagging her. hahaha!!!

  2. Its worth to get professionaly fitted. Last winter my seat dropped 3/4 of an inch and caused massive amounts of leg pain. I couldn't run for two months and missed a half marathon, ATB and Milton tri.



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