Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monthly Totals Set 2 Review

So here we are at the end of the second month of training. I divide training up into 'Sets' that are made of 4 weeks, the last week being recovery.

Looking back, has it really only been 8 weeks? It feels like a lifetime ago that I commited to learning the routine. These workouts have had little to do with quality and everything to do with just going through the motions.
I have learned a few things along the way. When I was tired, I didn't allow myself a break. I just pushed out the door and promised myself to take it easy and have fun. Once I started the workout, it morphed into a quality session by the time I got warmed up. I have learned that if I know I'm expecting a hammerfest of a workout, then I dread it. If I convince myself I'll just go easy, I willingly show up for the session. This has worked like a charm so far.

Nutrition is so-so. I've been eating proper portions but have had a ton of pizza. There have been a few too many sweets here and there too. I would like this problem to go away. I suspect I'll need to wait until after the holiday season. Regardless, I may need to start counting calories. I'm still losing weight. I am guessing I'm still not taking in enough calories, even with the odd treat. I'm eating proper portions for a non-athlete, so I may need to compensate for the extra 4000+ calories I'm burning every week. I do like seeing the Body Composition Monitor in the Tanita scale show that I'm losing Body Fat %. I'm still at the upper end of the 'norm' as far as body fat is concerned. I'd like to know how to burn body fat but stop losing weight, if that is even possible.

Admitedly I've only been swimming and running. I use swimming for recovery because I find it easy. It has remained easy these past 8 weeks and I would like to explore adding a few extra beats a minute to my average heartrate.

The only Biking has been weekends. I've been lucky in that the weekend weather has warranted some exceptionally fun mountain biking. I will continue the weekend MTB rides for as long as the weather allows me. It beats an indoor trainer.

The runs, especially bad weather ones, have been a new challenge. I dilligently hit all my runs because I am desperate to improve and the Around The Bay Race is approaching all too fast. I can comfortably say I have graduated from 'I hopelessly suck at running' to the level of 'Noob runner, slow moving vehicle'. It wasn't all that long ago that a 5km run would suck the life out of me. Set 1 came with an average 8km weekday run with a 10-12km weekend run. Set 2 has me comfortably at a 10km weekday run and a tougher 15km weekend run that needs improvement.

Going forward, my routine evolves. I am comfortable with my evening workout routine, so now it is time to try early mornings. I need to bike through the week. I am not confident about this new wrench in the routine so I will have to see how my body responds. I plan to continue my routine as is, but add a 1 hour early morning trainer ride twice a week.
So the big question in the back of my mind - What do I do with the other two mornings of the week? I get up early (5:30am) Tuesday and Thursday for my bike ride, and allow myself to 'sleep in' on Monday and Wednesday? Or is it better to have a constant wake up time and get up early Monday and Wednesday and do something like stretching or yoga or the 100 pushup challenge? I'm not sure if varying my wake-up time is a good or bad thing.

I think I'm going to try a few weeks of staggered mornings to see what it does to me. I think I'll make the final decision starting January 3rd when my official training program starts. In the meantime, I'm open to suggestions.

Just sayin'...
One of the biggest downfalls of my getting up early has been the wife can't sleep in very well. It is because of this that she has not been getting up to make my breakfast and lunch on the early morning day. I is sad. :(

SET 2 TOTAL (4 WEEKS), Maintenance Mode

22 Activities at 186Km in 25hrs

Swim Set: 6.5hrs
Bike Set: 8.5hrs (Mostly MTB)
Run Set: 10.0hrs
Strength Set: Nil


  1. too many sweets? I hear you. I did buy double chocolate vodka for Friday night, it's better cause it combines two bad things so we don't have to eat chocolate and then drink.. right?

  2. ps-holy crap you are following alot of blgos now..

    I guess 52comeback left eh



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