Thursday, December 16, 2010

TP Kona Partay

Yeh so there was some training going on over the last couple of days that I didn't post about. Uhhh I think I had a 3K swim last night, moderate pace I might add. Then there was a bike this morning followed by a 12Km run this evening in the falling snow. What a beautiful sight, right up until the snow flakes started poking me in the eye.

So for those of you not in the Training Payne world, I highly recommend you visit his blog and start from the absolute beginning. His blog covers the ups and downs and super downs of the complete journey to Kona. Over the months he has gathered quite the following and we'll be attending the Training Payne Kona party tomorrow night at his place.

Soo since the room would be filled with the uber elite athletes from our area, it only seemed appropriate to bring something healthy.

Artists At Work

Mass Start

Training Payne - But something not look right

The 'Sucks' actually turns out good in the picture, but I didn't think it would work in the oven so it was omitted in the final masterpeice here:


Now for those of you that missed the House of Payne Beer Run, goto his blog to check it out. This year's video is sporting some excellent H footage courtesy of Reid, but more importantly is the priceless shots of Matty-O getting some very ghey Kartwheel action going on. Now in the TP world you could describe me as the resident blog troll whereas Matty-O fills the role of Puck-Shooter Elite. Matty-O can't make it to the party because he's busy whining about his Knee or sore body or he's shoveling snow. Nevertheless I don't want him to feel left out......

Kartwheel'ing Matty-O
Something don't look right though...


You'll understand if you watched the video. Now I we all know he's a pussy but I planned to spare him the permanent label when it came to cooking time. However, Mrs. LoTC jumped the gun and stuck little Matty-O in the oven before I could remove the obvious offending label.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. She cooked it that way. She's so mean! lol

Permanent Feature


Slave Labour


Transplanting Said Masterpeice

Holy shit! She's got spare limbs!!

Intermission while cooking made me hungry. That's raw dough Fool! Get your mind outta the gutter. Pic Fail.


Half-Iron 70.3

Blakes Creativity, Nested M-Dot


Chew before you swallow.
I call this THE OFFSEASON cookie. It's layered for maxmium effectivness. Got a base layer of chocolate chips, a crunchy M&M mid layer, followed by all of the above. I don't know who will eat this tomorrow night but whoever indulges may want to consider a marathon training run on the weekend.


If I knew how to rotate, I would. Leave me alone.

One of these things is not like the other

For you slower peeps (Matty-O) I've included the answer here.

I would like to reassure you that all cookies were prepared with the utmost attention payed to sanitation. Strict Food handling procedures were adhered to at all times

Do I got sumthin' hangin'?


The 'Special' Cookie made especially for Rodney.
Got lost amongst the other cookies, so I'm not sure which one it was anymore.
Someone is bound to enjoy the special sauce surprise.



  1. JP, you ARE THE MAN!!!! haha.

    LOVE the cookies. I was thinking of doing some as well, we bought a cookie cutter and my family wushed out on me. Something about exams, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    And then YOU come to the rescue. I LOVE IT. The sucks under TP was a great move, I would have expected no less.

    On the Matty O front, I would have just done the word PUSSY and we would all know it was Matty O. haha.

    Can hardly wait till tomorrow, you get special access to the Kegerator (after me of course). haha

    Nice job, oh and I mean Fran and the kids too.


  2. Wow

    That's pretty cool. Sorry I won't be there. Its just too far to drive after a keg party. That's just asking for trouble


  3. That is amazing! I'm really excited to see you guys tonight.. It's gonna be fun...

  4. Man. I wish I could go hang with you all that sounds like fun.

    WAHAHAHAA The Matty O cookie!! He is out plowing right now for like 75 hours, but when he gets back to see this, his comment is going to be hilarious.

  5. Nice!!! Your cookies will the attraction of the Kona party tonight. Especially the "Special" one ha-ha.
    Looking forward to meet Fran and you tonight!

  6. HAHAHA those are classic man. Wish I could be up there to eat some pussy... errr uhhhh I mean, eat the cookies hahaha.

    You are a nut man, that is why we all love you.

    Keep up the awesome cookie making and have a blast tonight. Wish I could be there but there is not enough beer for the two of us!



    nice mattyO cookie

    ttly LOL!!!!

  8. That is teh awesome. We all know Fran and the boys were the brains behind the operation.

  9. So awesome, I want to go to the party!!

  10. It's Monday, where is my post for today??

  11. Adena - I ate it. Just like I ate everything else in sight this weekend. Ugggghhhhhhh.

    New post is up now though.



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