Monday, December 6, 2010

Non Perfect Totals

Weekly Totals. I keep forgetting to include these :)

Hangovers suck. That missed ride on Sunday puts a big ding in the number of training hours. These numbers look sad with such a low total. Even worse is that it would have been an absolutely PERFECT 3 weeks had I not messed it up. Tis' the season I guess. I was looking forward to that xmas party and really enjoyed it so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

I hereby declare the rest of the year to be ALCOHOL FREE. Ok, who am I kidding - I will make an exception for Training Payne's Kona Partayyyy!

Up next: Recovery week. I failed miserably on the last one. It went from active recovery, to non-active recovery to non-recovery to you-phat-oinker-you-just-sabatoged-a-month-of-training-by-eating-like-that!
So suffice to say, I have some room for improvment. Lots of room.
The JPO program says that recovery week is 50-80% duration of a normal workout at no more than 65% perceived exertion(PE). I am to enjoy myself at all costs. I took complete days off last time which was a big no-no. I slacked bigtime and threw a wrench into the routine. I must maintain the routine. So much as a single missed day and it's sooo hard to get back into it. Hence the fallout from Sunday's hangover. I'm still struggling with that.


WEEK 7 TOTAL (Set 2, Week 3 - Maintenance Mode)

Swim: 2:00hrs
Bike: nil
Run: 3:30hrs
Strength: nil
Total: 5:30hrs


  1. 'Tis the season! No worries - you'll be back at it shortly. I have an off day today and I'm feeling a little guilty for passing on some yoga/pilates.

  2. Recovery week! def no worries once you are locked into IMLP schedule you'll be glad you let loose when you did. I already have my calendar marked for end of Jan beginning of Feb!!


  3. Eh, its the off season, right? LOve the LOL cats pictures.



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