Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Eve

The Goodies - Too pretty to eat!
Friday, Decemer 24 - Rest Day & Christmas Eve

I was proud of myself, I got the bulk of the Christmas shopping done earlier in the week so I just needed to quickly grab some stocking stuffers. That didn't go as quick as I would have liked. With an afternoon to run to Burlington I didn't foresee the running store not stocking Yak-Trax. I was surprised by this, but Joe was nice enough to point me to MEC who had a ton in stock. I don't see why a running specific store wouldn't have them. Strange. Anyhow, it worked out because I was able to get the bulk of the stocking stuffers at MEC.

Christmas Eve as usual is spent and my Father's place. It's a small family but he always cooks like he was feeding an army. I nibbled on a few bad snacks, a few good snacks and ate a well portioned meal. In the end, I felt a bit bad because I didn't indulge nor did I eat any of the pie that was specifically bought for me. I'm a big pumpkin pie fan and would love to polish the entire pie off myself but I am at my indugling limit for this month. I'm kinda sick of it all actually. I felt bad because he was left with several tons of food that just didn't get eaten. Knowing Dad he will freeze it all and we'll finish it at Easter time.
I'm not kidding. He does that. Or at least trys lol.

Santa made his annual visit. My kids are a bit old for it, but I think the adults had more fun with Santa than the kids did. They're too involved with the video games to care. Regardless, we had fun.

She tried to kill me

The evening was not without it's drama. Shortly after Mrs. Claus went to help in the kitchen - the inevitable happened. My sister started screaming and jumping up and down and pointing to the kitchen. Sure enough Fran was trying to burn the house down. Not only was the room filling up with smoke, there were flame a good foot high as an oven mit was brought to a well-done state. Now Fran swears it wasn't her fault, but she doesn have a track record for frequently (nightly) smoking the kitchen. I got dead batteries in the smoke alarms to prove it.

Dont think it was an accident!?

Me & Santa & Some guy in a red costume
Take that for not brigning me mah ZIPP Carbon Clinchers

Bad Santa

Army of Goodies

He TAPED Ironman Muskoka 2010 for me
So we watched it on XMas eve

I wasn't kidding, he TAPED it.
Wow, its been awhile since I seen one of these lol.
Tracking needed constant adjustment - remember that?! lol


 None. Scheduled Rest Day.

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