Friday, December 24, 2010

Toe Tags

Thanks Anita Adena!
OH MYE GAWD!!$%%#@!!! W00t!

Adena at She Said I need A Goal sent us RoadID gift for xmas! She is the bestestest!

Adena is all about being one tough chick! I remember one of the very first posts of hers when I met her via Training Payne and the Twitter world. I was just getting into my first triathlon and I was struggling to wrap my head around putting three sports together at once. Adena's post caught my attention - here was a chick that was JUST learning to ride a bike and was training to do a Sprint Triathlon at the end of the summer??!! Wow. I read her posts and it made me appreciate just how lucky I am to already have a cycling and swimming background. Imagine not only being completely new to triathlon, but being completely new to each discipline?! Now THIS IS A STORY TO FOLLOW!

Can you honestly remember what it was like to learn to ride a bike? For some of us we've been doing it for so long that you'd swear we were born onto two wheels. Reading Adena's blog I found myself re-living long lost memories and appreciating the little things I now take for granted.

Ok, so the experienced cyclists right now are probably laughing and the Inexperienced are probably cursing me right now for appearing to be a big meany. We're not laughing at her, we're laughing with her. Really :) This was a journey that was sure to make you laugh! Admitedly I wondered if she would make it. There were so many 'little hills' for her to climb that the real 'mountain' of goals seemed like Everest. I watched her subbornly get back on the bike and try again and again. Alot of support came her way, Coach Nancy sounds like she had a hand in that. I tried to support Adena in my own special way by suggesting her first road ride should take her in the direction of 6th Line, up Steeles avenue (In the direction of the summit of course) and maybe a Snake Road ascent. She quickly figured out that I probably wasn't the best person to take advice from. I was going for the 'sink or swim' approach. Will this chick really tough it out or will she throw the towel in?

TOUGH. IT. OUT. She Did!

And A RoadID

I was honored to be the one to High-Five her at her very first Triathlon! Adena came so incredibly far in such a short time. I vividly recall her coming out of the water before Mrs. LoTC and I thought W.T.F.?! Either One of two things just happened, my wife has drowned or that Adena chick has been training something fierce! She looked great out there! I especially like the part where she was a good sport about me haggling her on the run course. Oh my cheer squad was the loudest most obnoxious bunch there and Adena was one of our bestest targets! Everyone had a blast! Good Times!

Did I mention the time she touched my penis and I slept in her bed? She's a great hostess too! :) lol

Merry Xmas!

Now with RoadID they can identify our bodies!


  1. oh my god John, my name is ANITA!! lmao Seriously what an incredible post. I wondered if I would make to the finish line myself but you were instrumental in getting me to the start. I actually remember the first comment you made on my blog, you were laughing at my highly technical bike speak, I believe I called them gear thingys and I was very excited that 'that mountain bike triathlon guy' took the time to read and comment.

    You know it was a year or so ago when we first started tweeting at #tweetxmas and I'm so happy that I got to meet you in person and I got to meet your awesome wife and great kids. I feel like we have moved out of internet friendworld and are real life friends now. I look forward to our upcoming year of training, much trash talk, loads of support and laughs. And beer right, there WILL be beer!

    Thanks again for this great post, wow! I love ya man!

  2. LOL that is hilarous...Adena does rock. I thought she only touched your butt.



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