Monday, January 31, 2011

Carbon Burn

Ohhh it burns, IT BURNS! More on that later.

Should have stayed home..
Soooo it was a pleasant surprise to come home to find a note at the door saying I have a package to pickup! Yay! I like getting packages, it's like xmas all over again. The last package was my new ISM Adamo Saddle so I had a good feeling I knew what was in this one.

When I got to the postal outlet the lady behind the counter was barely walking with a cane. She came out fumbling my package (I meant the parcel you perv..) and she said she's lucky it was light, otherwise she wouldn't be able to get it for me. How can you work in shipping/receiving if you can't lift things? Seemed strange.
Anyhow, it better be light! The box contained the new shoes for my bike and lightweight is what I was going for! I quickly signed for it and headed to my truck. I mean I signed for it quickly, the box was big and I had only seen one side of it and didn't inspect it. I just trusted that everything was 'OK'. When I got to my truck I seen that there was a huge hole in the side of the box. It had been punctured, it was very hollow and my heart sunk. Oh noes! If something skewered the box, then the wheels must surely be damaged. Grrrrr!
I didn't inspect any closer. I drove home and pretended like I didn't see it. I'll look closer with better lighting. Once home I had my son take video of my opening the box. I don't know if it would have helped, but if something was broken I wanted some kind of evidence showing it was like that when I got it. To my amazement I couldn't find a single scratch on the spokes. I througly went over the hole thing and luckily the wheels were in mint condition. I could breathe a sigh of relief.

Soo my new toys are looking lonely. Obviously I'm not going to put them on the bike to ride on the trainer, so they're just collecting dust for now. I'm looking at ordering some super-light-super-fast tires since I killed the ones on my bike by using them on the trainer. Oops.

On the training front - Saturday was an easy spin. I've recently acquired alot of road racing videos so I watched the first half of Tour du Flanders. It's actually really quite awesome! I'd love to go to Belgium or France to hit those roads myself! Especially the climbs, I want to try the biggest baddest climbs those mountains can dish out!

This brings me to the burrrrrn on Sunday. It was a perfect winter day with bright sun and a good 8 inches of fresh powder on the ground. Why is it EVERY weekend it has to snow, just in time for my long run. I'm getting tired of this. Instead of running on a slippery road I decided to go trail running in the thick of it with the YakTrax. The trail run was tough, tons of hills, and tons of traffic. The trail was semi-well used which meant I kept rolling my ankles on the uneven surfacing. I never hurt my ankles as I always caught myself before applying any damaging weight to them. It was really bright. Really REALLY bright. I didn't realize it at the time. I did get some sporty back and forth 'racing' with another trail runner that looked a good 10yrs older than me. He blew me away. I thought I got away from him and then out of nowhere he was RIGHT behind me. I swear he was a ghost or something because I kept looking back to see if I dropped him, he was nowhere to be found. Then out of nowhere he caught me. Crazy. It bothered me for the rest of the day. How the HECK did that guy catch me? Unbelievable. Anyhow, back to my burrrrrrn.

Injuries Suck.

Snow blindness. Sucks.

Here I am the day after and I can feel my eyes flaring up. I almost didn't come to work today but I really thought it would get better as the day went on. It's just getting worse. Owie!

To make matters worse, my IT Band is done. It's definitely inflamed, I over did it. Crap. Now what? I know it takes forever for it to go away. I've been stretching like crazy, downing the advils  (maybe a bit too much) and massaging it. The snow run didn't do me no favours. While I really enjoyed the run, it has come at cost. IT Band and Eyeballs. I has a sad.

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  1. Hey man... a piece of advice... when running in the snow... wear sunglasses! I have issues seeing while driving let alone going slow and running, sheesh!

    ITB, you too now? Damn! Weird thing is, my right hip is fine now and my left hip is now inflamed. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

    As for the postal workers. Now, I have NO CLUE what happens in Canada. But in the US... they find the laziest, stupidest, most moronic A-Holes in the land and put them all in one place. The US post office is the biggest joke in the world. I will gladly pay more to ship fed ex or UPS just to AVOID the clumsy lazy idiots. (I can go on, HATE them).

    Glad the shoes are happy and clean with no PUNCTURES. That would be devastating.

    You talked me into getting a new saddle. Should have it by the weekend :)



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