Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 15 Review

Just another recovery week, but this went horribly wrong.

The last time I screwed up on recovery week, I did so by completely neglecting to do any workouts. This round, it was the opposite. I got all my workouts in but one, this is acceptable however the intensity was waay more than it should have been. In my mind, going out for such a short workout wasn't worth my time so I made up for duration by increasing intentsity and speed. This has not ended well.
My IT Band has flared up. I'd rate it a good 2.5/10 with only a short walk away from becoming a full blown 5/10. It's on edge, very tight and very noticable just walking. I'm tending to it but now I have to get my head straight. I have to throttle waaaay back to stop this from getting out of control. It's harder for me to slow down, than it is to speed up. I'm not wired to slow down when I feel pain, that's my queue to push harder and faster.

Swimming helps I think, I'll give that a try. I just dont know what to do with my upcoming week. If I screw up my routine now, I may never get back to it. It's so hard to get going again once I mess with it. Especially with the cold and dark and a snow storm coming mid-week. I'm worried. Maybe I'll have Mr.s LoTC tie me to the bed to avoid any workouts though. Otherwise I'm gonna run myself to death.

WEEK 15 TOTAL (Set 4, Week 4 - Base Build, Recovery Week)

Swim: 1:30hrs
Bike: 2:50hrs
Run: 3:15hrs

TOTAL:  7:30hrs


  1. ahhh, did you get the foam roller like i advised? You're race season is beginning to flash before your eyes if you don't treat your IT band

  2. I've been reluctant to pay $30 for a stupid peice of foam that is likely a marketing gimmick.....

    but since you're so insistent I'll definitely try it out :) That, and the fact I called a running store and they guy just talked my ear off for 10 minutes about how he uses it religiously and can't live without it.

    Maybe Peter is onto something here lol. :)

    they dont have them in stock though :( I may have an alternative at home - I'll try tonight. Thanks for the advice! :)

  3. while you are tied to the bed, why not get some sex in while you are at it. I doubt you will have to work much if you are tied down. Tell her go easy on your ITband.

    Swimming, good. Kicking off the wall hard, bad. Easy on the turns.

    Get well soon (haha that sounded gay).

  4. Hmmmm $30 or DNS IMLP?? decisions, decisions.....



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