Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeding Tyme

Animal Feed
Cleansing? I don't get it. I think I'm seeing at least 7 different blogs where people are starving themselves to death and eating alien-like vegitation. Crazy.

I don't know if it's because I'm a PFG but I can't imagine going on such a binge or lack thereof. Mrs. LoTC had to ADD food to my lunches because I'm not making it between meals. She makes my smoothie breakfast and thin bagel that I eat at 7:30am and by 10am I'm raving-hungry. I've been starving myself until noon hour but I can't take it no more, so she added a small baggy of bird food to stem the tide. I don't know what is in this stuff, but I think it looks like something you'd feed the animals at a petting zoo. It's working though, I might make it to lunch. Lunch is a good size, but again I need something for Lupper around 3pm. I'm sure one of the things in my lunch was meant to be used for that, but if it's in the lunch bag I eat everything at once. I never seem to be able to save anything for later.
Obviously even with KFC, french fries, and crazy amounts of pizza - I'm still running a calorie defecit by evidence that I'm still losing weight. I can't imagine cutting anything out. You people on the 'cleanse' diets are insane. It's interesting reading about the different methods of people dealing with hunger pains. Exercise, water, shopping and sleeping seem to be popular ways to distract from the tummy woes. Personally, I fix my hunger with a pizza. Except only eat half the pizza, not the whole thing since you dont want to over-do it. It really works!

Anyhow, Sunday was a looooong hard mountain bike ride. A week ago I did a similar ride where it left me more tired than I have been in a very long time. It was great! This week though, there was snow on the ground. We all know how hard it is running on sand or snow, its drains the muscles, well try mountain biking on snow! No coasting, no rest just non-stop grinding of the pedals and tense moments of slipping on ice. It was a 3hr killer workout that left me more fatigued than even last week's ride. I was whooped. I also got very cold by the end, that was a first. Dangerously cold, I need to address that.

Monday signals the official full-on start to the Base-Building phase of the JPO training program. But First, I need to survive a day at the office.

Bike - 3hrs snow MTB


  1. Did the pizza deal last night. On my "diet" I allow myself one day a week to eat crappy foods. Keeps me honest and makes the week bearable.

    Without really working out anything more than typing on my keyboard my diet is allowing a steady weight loss.

    Next week I will begin the long miles again. That is when I will shed the weight.

    Nice bike ride man. I used to mountain bike a lot in the parks when I was in school. Crazy core and stabilization needed for that. Never rode in the snow though, not really sure I could find that enjoyable haha.

  2. Still losing?!? Damn...maybe I should pick up the same pizza diet as you. Even with moving over the holidays I'm up a bit. Need to get my a$$ moving more, I guess.

  3. Your burning so much, you need to eat more more more to fuel that engine. Ditch the skinny bagel and get yourself a man-bagel! There are few times in your life that you can consume as much as you'll be able to conuse while training for IM so be good to yourself and eat up!



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