Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 12 Review

This was a scheduled semi-recovery week. All my workouts were very low exertion, almost too easy. I think the 'easy' workouts are harder than the moderate-intensity ones. When I'm not busy huffing and puffing my mind begins to wander and I get bored of going so slow and thoughts of quitting come to mind. I also had more aches and 'pains' and tweaks throughout my body during this easy week compared to any of the hard ones. The slower I go, the more it screws with my technique and things feel 'injured'. I keep testing the phantom pain areas and while things feel awkward, I don't think they are due to injury of any kind. Again, it's probably my mind playing tricks on me because I have time to think when going at such an easy pace.

On a side note  - We're one step closer to finding Mrs. LoTC a bike. Adena is training for her first Half-Iron and was kind enough to let us borrow her bike on the trainer so I could measure Fran up for the right size of frame. Adena forced us to order pizza, I know I tried to refuse but she insisted I have some since it's been awhile (24hrs) since I had a slice. YUMMAY!  I also made some slight adjustments to her bike seat since she was enjoying the tip of her bike seat rubbing her woohoo during workouts. That's just not right, so I think it'll be more comfortable now.
My cycling numbers are high again - the Monday was a holiday where I got a hardcore mountain bike ride in. These mountain bike rides are priceless. I get waay more of a workout mountain biking than road riding, or on a trainer for that matter. While an hour of MTB trumps and hour of trainer any day, I am aware that I desperately need more time in the 'aero' position to strengthen muscles and get comfortable in it. That's a nagging thought in the back of my mind.

This next week will be exciting! I am completely back to a normal routine week. No extra days off to screw up my workout totals. Having said that, I see a slight drop in the number of hours spent training since I do not have a holiday to hammer out a 3hr bike ride. This shouldn't be as much of a  problem because now the real running begins. With Around The Bay Race coming up, my running numbers are venturing into distances that are scary to me. Come to think of it, my long-slow run is the distance of a Half-Marathon this weekend. Wait, how did that happen?!? Who wrote this crap? Where did I get this training program from? I'm gonna die!!

WEEK 12 TOTAL (Set 4, Week 1 - Base Build)

Swim: 0:45hrs
Bike: 7:00hrs
Run: 3:00hrs
Strength: nil

Total: 11:00hrs

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  1. Nice week of riding. Running pretty decent as well.




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