Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kona Bound

I have found the key to Qualifying!

 Yes, for those of you dreaming to win big and capture the elusive Kona slot, I would like to share with you a sure fire way of qualifying.

Gatorade, Powerade, Redbull and their likes ain't got nothing on this bad boy:

Hawaii here I come!!

What else is there to do on the weekend in an empty office but to raid the executive lounge for the premium coffee?!

This coffee is goood schtuff!

Just incase the coffee doesn't get me my free pass to Kona, I got
a recovery run in this morning. That's the last recovery workout, it's back to the grind tomorrow!
It was a fun run with Mrs. LoTC.

Oh, and yesterday's recovery day consisted of no exercise with KFC chicken,
greasy french fries and a cola. Not satisfied, I went and got a KING size
Reese PB cup and ate all 4 cups to myself.
Woke up this morning and shattered my all time record low by 1.5lbs!
I'm down to 171.8 pounds now.
That's BEFORE a morning movement too, so dont blame it on greasy purge. That came later hah! :)

Run - 1hr 8km (Recovery, Slow)


  1. First - no pictures of my boobs flying around the pool, sorry. :)

    I am going to get some of that coffee right now! I don't even drink coffee, but I will if it gets me to Kona. That cat picture is hilarious.

    I wish your diet secrets would work for me!

    196 days to IMLP

  2. I think you should sign up for the lottery to go to Kona too.

  3. I would do the lottery but if I won I'd be sad. I just can't afford to go this year lol :)
    And since they moved 70.3 championships to Vegas, I can't afford that either! I wouldn't mind trying for clearwater spot cuz it's driveable but vegas is just too far.
    I want to avoid flying at all costs.

  4. That was me. Apparently my kid left himself logged in when I posted. heh



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