Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've been reading a few blogs where people were either freezing or overheating as they try to balance their winter running outfit. I figure I'll share what works for me in the hopes it helps someone out some day.
I take the layered approach. By having certain materials and weights to each layer you can dress up and dress down for any temperature you might encounter. When layering, you can peel or add layers on the go and store them in pockets or tie them around your waist.

I divde my layers up into a few categories:


All season clothes. This layer is used all year around in this exact manner, substitute running tights for cycling shorts in summer season. This base layer can be worn at 12 celsius and up.

Typical technical running sock - quick drying, wicks moisture, provides cushion in key areas
Synthetic workout boxers - snug fit supports 'the junk', quick drying
Base running tights - tight thin fit, wicks moisture
Running shirt - technical Tshirt, quick dry, loose fit, got a million of em' from running races
Cycling arm warmers - instead of longsleeve shirt, these provide a layer that can be peeled if u overheat
Neck sleeve - dont know official term, probably made to go on head but I pull it over my chin and it keeps the wind off my jugular/neck which makes a big difference in warmth. Synthetic, quick drying, wicks.
Cycling cap - you could use running touque but cycling ones cut the forehead better at an angle

MID-MID LAYER (Optional)
Layered over top of base layer, only used in conjunction WITH all other layers for temperatures below 0 Celsius.
Long Sleeve Technical Shirt - wicks moisture from base layer, traps warm air under the mid layer for warmth. The picture shows 2 different weights of this shirt, I put a thicker one on below -5 Celsisus.
Outdoor Vest - breathable mesh inner layer, smarth wool blend provides core excellent warmth. Zippered to allow it to open up and breath if you're overheating

Always used for temperatures below 5 celsius and up to 15 celsius.
Long Sleeve Cycling Mid Layer - tight fitting, works great on its own. Pockets can hold layers that are peeled. Zippered for ventalation. This is not a windbreaker, so not suitable for windy days on its own.
Running Shorts - Used for below 5 Celsisus to keep the boys warm.
Smart Wool socks - retains insulating properties even when wet, not a running sock as it goes OVER the running sock for warmth. Works fine on it's own as far as -20 Celsius. Medium weight hiking sock.

Outer layer to break the wind. Used on windy days between 5C and 15C, always used for anything below 5C.
Cycling Jacket - Breathable liner, zippered under arms and front to allow ventalation.
Cycling Pants - work better than running tights in my opinion, the knees bend nicer. Wind resistance front panel, lycra back panel, insulated, zippered ankles for tight fit
Cycling Gloves - Smartwool gloves work great in any condition from -30C to 15C. They're amazing!

Reflective Vest
Fuel Belt
Cycing rain jacket - tucks nicely into pockets when not in use
Spare mid-weight cycling gloves and lightweight neck sleeve - Backup incase you slip in puddle and soak your gloves, especially when on wet ice. Spare sleeve doubles as hat, neck, bandage, towel etc if you need extra warmth.



  1. ok you have too much time on your hands. go do some core exercises or something

  2. very helpful!! and I see that I'm missing something important in the base layer, running tights. My legs freeze in my running pants but I see now they are just a shell.


    Damn, I have pretty much one winter outfit I wear. You alone have probably kept all these running companies in business with all your purchases hahaha.

    good advice though. Personally I go for the wind breaker over whatever layers I have on underneath. The wind is your enemy on the cold runs.

  4. Its actually all cycling clothing. Like u said, the wind is your enemy, especially when riding. I've accumulated the high-tech overpriced clothing over the year. I still dont have enough though, the Mrs. has to do laundry every night so I have something to wear for next day workout. U can never have enough!

    When it warms up though, I'll go low-tech fabrics. Its just for the cold.



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