Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ice Tron

Fran - The 80's called, they'd like their sign back.
Saturday: I can barely remember what the original Tron was about, heck I can't even find it anywhere. I hear that the orginal sucked so bad that the filmmakers deliberately made its sparse as to not scare people away from the new one by watching it. Anyhow, the sequel was a good movie. Not great, but definitely entertaining and I feel I got my money's worth. Some big holes in the plot, so it requires a not-so-small leap of faith if you're a techno-geek that likes things to make sense. That is the only type of person that liked the original anyways, it developed a geek cult following. I'm glad we got out with our son, it was fun! The other two boys were out with friends.

Mr.s LoTC Half-Iron Preparations

Earlier in the day I slipped in a 3 2 hour bike trainer session. I was watching the 2010 TdF Prologue and I was enjoying interval sprints when my favourite riders were on screen. It was fun, but I was taken back by my heartrate. At tempo, which I sweat like a pig and feels like I'm riding against a noticable headwind-like resistance, my HR was only 120. At hefty resistance, as if I'm climbing a huge hill, my HR was no more than 135! Why is my HR so incredibly low? Usually I'm tempo 154 and climb 165-170 outdoors. I didn't push my HR any further, I just took it as it is. I'd have to apply some crazy resistance to get my HR up any higher, as if I'm weight training every pedal stroke or something. I didn't bother trying because it begins to get uncomfortable pushing hefty resistance for so long. My trainer is strange like that. I dont' want to hurt my knees.
We went for pizza after the ride. While we waited for it to cook, Mrs. LoTC and I went next door to get her a much needed training necessity. She will be doing a Half-Iron this year so I had her pick out the headstone she liked most just in case. Necessities :)

Friday: So I thought I would rechedule my rescheduled run for Friday since I had the day off. It was supposed to be a rest day but I need to get these runs in. The plan was a new route that takes me up to the top of the peak in Dundas. The route is all trail, about 5km worth of hill and then I would tuck some road run in to get over the 10km limit. The day was a balmy 7 Celsius, I didn't even need a jacket! Surprisingly, I didn't like this. I'm so accumstomed to the cold weather, that I almost prefer the cold. What the heck is wrong with me??? Anyhow, as soon as I hit the trail I knew I was doomed. It was covered with a thick layer of ice. I pushed on and then gave up. I had to turn back, there was no way to run on this. The Bruce trail up the side of the 'mountain' was clean so I ran up that. Once on top the run was over. I did not anticipate a quick thaw and the trails were horribly muddy. It's now an official Hike, not run. I had fun with it, took lots of pics at the watefalls. I even took the ice trail back out of the ravine since there was little to no running happening. I'll chalk this up as an easy easy 'run'. I still got a workout, my muscles are sore from tensing up on slippery ice and mud slopes.

The Peak

Ice Trail - Walk, Dont Run!!

Summit View - Dundas

Summit View - Hamilton

U Can See Ice Trail Along River through the Trees

Our Engagement Photos were Taken Here

More Engage Photo Locale


Top of Falls

That is the ICE TRAIL on the right.
Extremely slippery and sloped towards the river.
There were some close calls!

Run (Recreation) - 1.5hrs
Bike Trainer Moderate Intervals - 2hrs


  1. Love the waterfall pics and Mrs LoTC's half-iron training necessity... too funny!

    I had a similar ice-trail run experience on Friday... though I don't think the trails here were quite as bad as they were up your way.

  2. AMAZING photos! Here is a story about the original Tron. Those AMAZING graphics? Yeah my company's three founders DID those graphics way back when @ MAGI sythevision here in NY. We sure have come a LONG way since then!

    ....I have yet to see the movie. But yes, they looked terrible ;)

  3. but why is she humping the tombstone?




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