Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 11 Review

A great way to finish the year of 2010 off! The holidays messed a bit with my training plan yet again. The holiday long ride on Tuesday was compounded by car problems on Wednesday and I had to play catch-up on workouts all week. In the end, I only missed a swim and one of my weeknight runs was replaced by a long hike on the ice and mud. Overall, I'd say I kept on track.

Now to figure out how this all fits into the grand scheme of things. Maintenance mode is over. Actually, I called it maintenance but really it was base building since I had done nothing for the 2 months post-Ironman Muskoka. Regardless, the official training program starts this week but in the scheme of my current maintenance mode routine it is actually supposed to be a recovery week. I don't want to go 6 weeks without active recovery! Soo, I am thinking I'll make this an easy Base Building week to kick off the official Ironman Lake Placid JPO training plan.

What does Base Building mean in the JPO program? Run. Lots and lots of run. Well the weeknight runs do not change much, if anything they get shorter but they get faster! The weekend runs get very long. This is because I'm leading into Around the Bay 30km run race in 12 weeks-ish time. Bike & Swim stays the same for another 8 weeks.

WEEK 11 TOTAL (Set 3, Week 3 - Maintenance Mode; skipping recovery week 4 of Set 3 to start BB program)

Swim: 0:45hrs
Bike: 6:20hrs
Run: 4:20hrs
Strength: nil

Total: 11:20hrs

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  1. Thank You for posting so much over the holidays! I wasn't sure what I was going to do the first day back but you got me through to about 2pm.
    Sounds like you did pretty damn well over the holidays! I'm trying to get back to the grind, it's either that or pull out the fat pants!!



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